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Mesoscaphe Auguste Piccard by FreekS - 1:25 - RADIO - Swiss passenger submarine built for 1964 world fair

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Finally starting to look recognizable. The woodwork is slow, mainly because the drawings I constructed from photos are not always accurate. But I’m not unhappy with the rough shape. It will be tricky to align the front and rear sides, which are separated by a bayonet. But at least I’m in my basement while it’s 32C outside!AC154ADC-D0EF-41B6-B674-D55154125BE5.jpeg.b8e56bbcf8009769d0f0861e062b8296.jpeg08E69FC2-6B49-447E-B8C5-981279509A30.jpeg.639c82be7edd8abc0def6525d40a9440.jpeg



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Hi all, first layer of epoxy-putty is on, and I’ve laid out the equipment I’m going to have to install, and roughly where in the boat it will come. 

note the picture is a bit „wavy“ due to panorama mode....!


from left to right

battery pack placeholder,

LED Controller for the strip of LEDs that will come above the windows,

Engel Ballast Tank (basically large electric syringe to take water in and pump it out)

40 MHz receiver and electronic leveler

three servos for rudder and front and rear diveplanes

Ballast tank controller

motor speed controller and magnetic on/off switch

brushless motor with coupler to shaft

Messing cast prop.


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Started now on the more technical parts - from the stern forward. I decided to print the shroud/rudder combination, and it will be quite a challenge to mount and ensure the propellor aligns perfectly with it. I am waiting for parts of the drivetrain, so focused on making the supports for the shroud, and the stern dive planes which will be controlled via a Bowden cable visible. The second Bowden controlling the rudder will run through the lower wooden support part. Above the model a couple of fotos of the original at launch in early 1960s and and pre restoration around 2010.....




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Nice work FreekS.

It is possibly too late to aid you in your propeller/nozzle alignment but what I used to do back in my RC days was to cut two disks that were the same size as the inside of the nozzle and mount them on the prop shaft instead of the propeller. that would hold the nozzle aligned while I mounted it in place. When finished  just remove the disks and place the prop and everything always worked perfectly.

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I've made quite a bit of progress since September - thanks to lockdown but unthanks to recent cold in the basement!

The "Techrack" is fully built - with batteries, Engel "Kolbentank", Arduino controller for the tank built by a friend, brushless motor and controller, magnetic on/off switch, Corona (!) 40 MHz 8-channel receiver and three news servos. I'll do a video of it somewhat later the picture shows the incividual components. The propeller and shroud, diveplanes fore and aft and the tank all work well off my Futuba Mx-16 transmitter. Now working on the waterproof LED strip that will provide lights over the passenger windows. I've given up making drawings, it quicker to do the work twice!




The shape is mainly there - though there is still an extensive keel section to be built. Windows in the 3D printed "sail" will also be a challenge! IMG_2127.thumb.jpg.485af0c24da4553dc2397548a4166988.jpg


Just to prove the techrack is actually inside a short video. The joy one can have in simple things.....

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