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Mast Assembly


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Taking a break from decking, I have begun cutting and shaping the masts for Niagara. I'm using square boxwood strips, trimming them down and shaping them per the plans.


As a general rule, should I assemble the masts with fittings and metal work on the side and then install the completed mast to the boat?


Also, just wondering about the order of assembly. I have 4 of the mast parts shaped and ready. It's been real tempting to do the metal work, fittings, etc. and installing it all. I would really appreciate hearing from you guys on things like order of assembly, things to do , things NOT to do. Anything that might help me get it right the first time.



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The easiest way (and potentially least disaster prone way) is to do as much off ship with the masts as possible.  I and others have gone so far as to completely assemble them, run and rat the upper shrouds, attach the yards (with all their hardhare), etc. before stepping them.   In the end, it's up to you to sort out what works and what doesn't work for you.

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