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Hms Enterprize shipyard 1:72


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Hoi all, my shipment from GPM has arrived. these are the shipyard superplans with lasercut hull and i bought the laserset from Gpm with some details too.

By going thru the plans and parts, i noticed that the keel and side extensions from the stern and some other parts where not a part of the kit.

So when i was back on earth again and i wanted to build her, i placed an  order by Gpm for the laser card set from the Mercury, who is a few years later sister.

So i am going to build the both of them, the Enterprize as Original and the Mercury in the yellow and black colors.

Please notise that Gpm is a good partner for orders.

Let the build begin.




post-22974-0-01688400-1451931649_thumb.j   post-22974-0-11512700-1451931678_thumb.j



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I'm saddened that joske disappeared shortly after this post. I would really like to have seen a model built from these plans and the frame sets from GPM. I actually have the plans, frame set and super-detail set from GPM for the Santa Leocadia, but have too many other things to do first.


I understand the comment earlier about the lack of "side extensions," or quarter galleries. These plan and frame sets only provide a minimal structure for the construction of the models. They are really for scratch builders. I've been of a mind to get the whole set for, say, HMS Enterprize and then get the HMS Enterprize paper model kit, because the structures are identical and you could simply scale-up the paper model kit, which is 1/96-scale, to work out the parts needed to build out those quarter galleries and any other features as well.


Anyone know if he moved to another site? I'd still like to see the build.

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