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scale rigging blocks.jpg


Thanks to all of you for your patience over the Holidays.  I was busy with family and fun for the last two weeks or so and barely stepped into the workshop.  But now I am back at it.  I know many of you have contacted me about some some items not in stock but rest assured that over the next two weeks or so they should be ready. I apologize for the delay.   I have several sizes of rope and blocks being made as we speak and should be fully stocked very soon.  I just finished up a bunch of 3/16" and 1/8" blocks as shown above....1800 of them in the last two days and the image shows them fresh out of the oven.


Thanks again for understanding as I was relaxing with some much needed rest and family time.   2016 should be a banner year for us and I will even have a few new products coming out throughout the year.


Thanks for your patience..... :)  :)  :)  :) and thank you for your business..... :)  :)  :)  :) 


Serving machines are also now back in stock for those who have asked over the last few weeks.




Syren Ship Model Company




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Thanks Dirk and Greg...I was pretty run down for a while there!!!


One of the things I am shooting for is to launch this new kit by summers end, finish the Cheerful and Start on the Winnie again...its the King William III Shallop 1691.  Its a large fully framed model about 20" long.  Its 1/2" scale.  


I am working with some others to launch a few more projects as well.  Plus some more deck fittings and goodies.






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Ahoy Chuck


What great news from you on the future products coming. As if I already do not have enough to do! How's the  custom triangle deadeye's Order for my Mary Rose progressing?


I just finished wrapping the masts with your .025 rope this morning. Your rope makes the difference for sure.


Thanks for all of your products and for those still to come!


Happy Customer and shipyard supervisor  Keith and Pickels




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Hey Chuck - Just doing a little call out on a little of why you needed the break.  Working through getting the Druid-X ready to start rigging and Syren has helped a TON.  Larger blocks went together with no problem (still have to tumble them).  




Great resource to have on hand to help select associated rigging line.  -Mark

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Everyone needs a vacation sometimes....... :)


I should be caught up real soon.....laser cutting more deadeyes as we speak....Then its onto cleats as I simultaneously make some rope sizes.    It can sometimes be a grind....just a few weeks off and I am ready to start grinding again.

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Any sizes......whatever you need....they are custom.   You would be surprised what sizes folks need.  They come 28 deadeyes to a package....thanks for the order by the way.  It is preferred that you use whole mm size measurements....3mm is the smallest I can make them...


3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm etc....



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Just a heads up.....I have upgraded my payment gateway and shopping cart.   This was done over the last two days.   It was upgraded so you would no longer have to be redirected to paypal in order to process your credit cards.   I also added a PayPal Express button feature.  All systems are a go.


BUT.....even though this should not have disrupted any orders over the last two days....if you submitted one please check to see that it actually went through.  I had a few calls where they actually didnt go through while the upgrade was taking place.    These orders will need to placed again....no monies were exchanged in any event the first time around.   If you didnt get an order acknowledgement email from me then it is likely that the order never went through.


Sorry for the hiccup but the upgrade was needed to make your online shopping experience more pleasurable!!!  :)  :)  :)

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I thought I would give a little status update on this side project.   As some of you know I am working on two new complete kits for Syren...


One is of a 1/2" scale Royal navy barge circa 1700.  I am trying to push the envelope a bit with my design concepts and the laser cutter.   It will look like the contemporary model below but actually be almost exactly like the Queen Anne style barge shown in the Kriegstein collection.  Those that have the Seawatch book should check it out.  This will be a fully framed little model and I am very excited about it.  I am building off of the design concept I used for the long boat and pinnace but taking it a bit farther.  I hope these photos will give you a sufficient idea about the scope/concept of the project.  This is a big barge model at over 20" long.


I am fortunate to have found someone who is an excellent model builder who will build the prototype for me as it is designed.   Unfortunately there is just not enough time in the day for me to build everything I design.  He will be starting a build log shortly as I get a little further with the design.   Many of you know him and will enjoy his build log as you have enjoyed his others.  This project is a long, long way from being released but I thought I would show you what we are working on in addition to the many other projects.  It also shows you how Syren will bring new projects to market without having to wait for me to build the entire model.   I will be concentrating on finishing the Cheerful and then continuing with the Winchelsea.   At the same time I will be collaborating with others to bring you folks additional stuff!!! 


There are no deadlines for these projects...they will get done when they get done.  It is more important that these projects are the best possible within my limits of experience and expertise and they will never be rushed to market.   I will however keep you guys updated.   The last thing the hobby needs are more sub-par ship model projects and kits.  I apologize for the longer development times compared to others.  I hope its not too frustrating.


















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Thank you all for the well wishes and questions   :)


Just to answer a few questions I have received about this Royal Barge.


-  It is circa 1700 - Queen Anne Style Royal Barge


- It WILL be a full Kit and not a scratch/with some laser cut parts.  My first full kit with everything all included.   


- It is 1:24 scale and will be about 20" long.  


-The stock kit will be made in Cherry with boxwood carvings and trim in place of gilding.  A boxwood or Pear upgrade version will also be made available as special order.  But the cherry will look great and be far less expensive.  I am using prime pieces that are "cherry-picked" for a lighter tone.  Examine the image below and look at how much waste wood there would be on each frame if Boxwood or pear was used...each kit in those woods will be considerably more expensive and mostly used up for the frame centers.   So consider this if you intend to order a custom cut version in Box or Pear. 


- The build board....for lack of a better word is included.  Its a design choice to replace of all of those pesky wood strips people glue across the frames for the longboat and pinnace to stabalize it for fairing and planking.  I have learned a lot watching all of you build those. This replaces the need for those and provides a sturdy base to Clinker plank....only three strakes will be on each kit to mirror the contemporary examples we are all familiar with.  They will be pre-spiled and laser cut to make it easier.


- The vertical lines shown on frames "10" and "J" in the previous post are there as a visual reference.  They are there so when you place the keel assembly on top of the frames.... you can eyeball the hull from dead astern and at the bow to make sure its straight and not tilted one way or the other.  Its a slightly different build concept than placing the frames into the keel slots first like the longboat.   The build-board lines them all up so you dont have to fight with trying to get them all centered and perpendicular....those that built the pinnace and longboat know what I am referencing.  It was a pain to do well and there are many many more frames in this kit.  It has proven more effective to place the keel onto the frames afterwards..... ;) 


-  I dont have any idea of price yet because its too soon in the prototype process to tell.  


Thanks for the interest and its OK to ask the questions in this topic....I am sure many others have the same questions and its easier to answer them once here.  


Thanks again





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Horray, innovation!

I will truly miss the Lego jigs and pesky wood strips, they were a small bits of fun :)

Based on the explanation it all sounds very smart, especially the vertical line idea combined with such a board.

Just a bit worried if the kit will end up too simple? Looking on a photos, where is the challenge?

No jokes intended, would be interesting to hear your thoughts about the right balance when it comes to difficulty. Longboat or pinnace was a very fun build because it was just on a sweet spot!

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I understand what you are saying....but rest assured ... this is most certainly an advanced kit.   Although the parts are all laser cut and the jigs and design concept will alleviate much trouble....the builder will need to proceed very slowly and with much care.  To explain a bit about my philosophy for kits.


- My goal is to design kits that wont look like kits when they are built.  The quality of the wood and the parts and the historical accuracy.  No ply for fittings...no metal castings....no skimping on the final visual product. To design them in such a way that folks can build them with the same few tools they would use to build any other kit straight of of the box.  Yet when its done, and placed right beside a scratch version of the same subject...most wouldnt be able to tell the difference.   The design I hope will inspire others to use the same concepts after finishing it to slowly cross over to scratch building.  Or adapt the concepts for other kits that are lacking.


-  For example...first I wanted to introduce a model that would serve as an introduction to clinker planking.  Not the whole hull...but just a few planks.  So builders might not be nervous about it.  It will  literally be a step by step intro lesson on clinker planking...how to bevel...what to bevel etc.  See below for the one plank




- second...this model will also serve as an intro to carving.  Yes there will be three small resin castings, but the majority of the carved scroll  work you see on the sides of the hull and transom will be carved by the builder.  These arent complex figureheads or difficult subjects to scare folks who never tried it.   Or never used boxwood.  You will get the piece laser cut from boxwood flat and ordinary... and you will learn some simple techniques to get started carving...with a few extra pieces just in case of a mishap.




How to secure the piece for carving,  how to use a stop cut,  how to shave and carve with simple tools....how to undercut areas etc.  Step by step.  Nothing to fancy and elaborate...no expensive tools...just giving it a try with a little help.  At least the way I have always done it...I am sure that others will have a better way but this will show how I do it.  These are the two main features that are the focus for me on this project as well as creating a way to frame the boat properly with floors and futtocks like the contemporary model.  And NO...the carvings wont be that small.  It fits on a dime because I was just testing my laser cutter to see how hard I could push it....how small can laser cut something intricate and still capture some detail.   That is pretty dang small.   The real thing is about six times larger.


- So for me...designing this kit was a way to introduce a few things that are lacking with most kits....mainly they all look like kits unless you do some serious bashing with no guidance to go with it.  Why not start out with great materials....and guide the builders through it as if it was stepping stone to scratch building.  


Having said that...


The jigs and laser cut parts I provide are something I would normally make for myself if  I were building this from scratch...by giving them to a builder who might not have the tools or experience to create them,  they will at least get a chance to see a pre-spiled plank so they can understand and can visualize why using a straight strip isnt going to work.  They will see the spiled shape and think....this is nuts.....then after they place it on the hull without any difficulty, hopefully a light bulb will go off.   Then MAYBE they can apply what they have learned and experienced with this kit on the many other kits they build...or scratch projects.  Its hard to explain but I hope it makes sense.   


It wont be a beginner kit.  It will be an advanced kit FOR intermediate builders looking to try something they havent done before.  Now I keep showing the same image of the same contemporary model.  It wont look exactly like this one...but its close.   It will actually look a lot more like the one pictured below except for the transom carving.  I am referring to the colors and the lack of carving inside....just bare panels.  This is remember just an intro to carving.  Note how the planks are fastened....not treenailed....they are nailed.  Nailed to the plank beneath it.  Just something new to learn and I am learning right along with it.  And yes it will be a challenge.









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No, that is project number two.....both are currently underway.....the Syren Factory is at full capacity!!!!


That is being worked on by Dan Pariser and will take this philosophy to the next level.....


You will lapstrake plank the entire hull for a Thames river skiff..1880...all planks are laser cut and pre-spiled....with etched reference lines and instruction.


You get the plug...actually laser cut parts....then you plank it like you would with a plug and remove the shell..then insert the frames inside afterwards.   Then there are all the little details.   So that project takes the learning experience even further.   Both are being worked on right now.  Its different than the barge as that kit has removable centers that become the frames...a slightly different concept.  But its all to teach a differnt method of clinker planking with hopefully very thorough instructions and lessons for doing it.  The model shown is Dan's and it is also made from Cherry and boxwood.  They actually make the real things out of cherry and still use these skiffs today.  


Dan will be starting a build log of this model as well once it gets further along.




overall 2.jpg

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