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HMS Kingsfisher 1776 by oneslim - 1:48 scale by Bob W - from TFFM books & plans, & NMM Draughts

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HMS Kingsfisher 1770


This is a build of HMS Kingsfisher 16, of 1770, a Swan Class Sloop of War.  I will be using the book series,  The Fully Framed Model by David Antscherl and Greg Herbert.  Of the workshops that David and Greg have hosted,  I have attended seven so far,  and will be at the up-coming one in February. 



Plans on hand


Plans from the National Maritime Museum are the following:


          Kingfisher (1770)  ZAZ4654 (J7973) Lines & Profile (Design)


          Kingfisher (1770)  ZAZ4651 (J4866) Lines & Profile with décor


          Kingfisher (1770)  ZAZ4652 (J4865) Midship Frames


          Kingfisher (1770)  ZAZ4653 (J4867) Decks


          Cygnet (1776)  ZAZ4691 (J7503) Frame (1773)



David Antscherl's  Mylar TFFM plans with the Masting plan.



Harold M Hahn plans for Kingfisher (1987) in 3/16" = 1' 0".  These were enlarged to 1:48 scale on Mylar by my local blueprint shop.  The reason being that they are very close to ZAZ4653,  and much easier to read.



I also have Robert Hunt's kit #003 and plans of Kingfisher.  This was the first kit sold to the public.  This kit may be up for sale soon to finance some new tool purchases.




Naming Convention


Let me explain the spelling of HMS Kingsfisher.  I have downloaded all of the current volumes of Naval Documents of the American Revolution.  They can be found at the following Web Address:





If one has any interest in naval history of the American Revolution check out these documents.  Just about every Person, Ship, or Event are listed by date.


There are well over 500 pages that have entries relating to HMS Kingsfisher.  Most are from British documents, such as Ship logs,  Witness Reports, and Vice Admiral Samuel Graves official reports to the Admiralty.  In all of the entries the ship is referred to as HMS Kingsfisher, ( some entries she is named as HMS King'sfisher).  The only entries that have 'Kingfisher' spelling are from Rebel Americans reporting her movements or actions.



more to follow


Bob W

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Boring beginnings


My build actually started in October of 14 with the purchase of  a Harbor freight 60" woodworking bench.  Then I went to my local blueprint shop to get the plans copied,  enlarged,  and in the case of the half-breadth reversed.  The half-breadth was reversed for the starboard side of the Ed Tosti style build board.  This build board is made of two 1/2" layers of  MDF because I don't have a 10" table saw or a dado blade for mounting the jig tracks.  So the layers are glued and screwed together and leveled with 3/4" maple rails.


Please excuse the clutter in the background,  my workshop is also the household storage area.  The 8' pool-table in the middle of the room is a huge hassle,  but belongs to the stepson,  and can not be removed.    


The second photo shows the bridge with a 12" digital caliper and bracket for vertical measurements from the sheer plan.


Third photo is the sheer plan and a digital height caliper for taking off the measurements.  In the lower left the pointer is resting on the 'zero' block that is used because I have raised the draught so I can see the station markings.



For Now


Bob W





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Christian, Thanks,  I have followed Your build for some time,  very impressive.


GConiglio,  Yes I was into R/C for a while.  It all started when I converted a live steam 1:20.3 scale loco to R/C.  Then tried my hand at Helicopters,  followed by the J3. 


Greg,  Yes I feel like a mushroom at times.


Toni,  This build should have started years ago,  but life kept getting in the way.  I have followed all the Swan Class builds form the beginning.  My goal is to work to the level of those before me.



More to come


Bob W 

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Tools in the Shop


The first photo is of a LED light-box.  I just love this,  very thin and nice light with no heat at all.  It came from Amazon.com at:





Second photo shows a Sherline 5400 Mill,  16 inch Craftsman Scroll Saw,  and the Fox oscillating Spindle Sander.  On the wall is the Shop-Vac dust collection system that is connected to the Oneida Dust Deputy then into the Shop-Vac 10 gallon vac.  



Third photo is the bench with a Byrnes Table Saw and a Disc Sander.  Next week a Thickness Sander will be add where the open vac pick is.



Fourth photo shows the 8 inch Drill Press with a Sensitive drill chuck for miniature drilling.  Also the 7x14 mini lathe. 



The last photo is of my small work area with a 3/8" Aluminum true flat.



More to come








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                     I NEED HELP!!!


Below is a Word document attached. I was unable to import it as a Word document or Cut and Paste, in fact I can not cut and paste anything.


I am using Windows 7 Pro and Explorer 11.  I know this is a problem.  But last spring when I down loaded Google Chrome it came with a virus that took two days for Trend Micro to clean off my PC.  The mother board failed, (still under warranty),  soon after that.  Now I have a new system from Dell at no charge, and I am unwilling to risk another down load.  

Ship History001.pdf

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Hi Bob, and another Welcome to the Swan Class Builders Club :) .


Regarding your problem with Cut and Paste, try using Mozilla Firefox as a browser. It's a free download. I've been using it for years and have found it to work very well. Explorer 11 has a lot of issues with our Site.


BTW - the link to the History in your 1st post leads to an Error 404 message.


:cheers:  Danny

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Thanks Danny and Karl


I have repaired the link in the first post.



I'm going to think about downloading a different browser.  This machine is very stable and fast.  It's a Dell Alienware


Area-51 R2,  with an Intel i7-5930K CPU @ 3.50 GHz,  and 32GB memory.  The original hard drive was only a 1.25 GB


SSD, which was not enough room for all my data, photos, and programs.  So I bought a 1.02 TB SSD from Samsung that


included the cable and excellent software to morph my data from the 1.25 GB SSD.  By chance this saved me a second


time when Windows 10 was corrupted when it installed.  The Microsoft tech wiped the pc and I had only Windows 7 pro


without even one icon on screen ( he said I would loose a little data ).  All I had to do was remove the 1 TB drive,  install the


1.25 GB drive, and re-morph the 1 TB SSD.  Total cost was just half a day in my time.



Maybe I'll get another 1 TB SSD to keep a image of this pc just in case.



Bob W

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Local History of  HMS Kingsfisher


In the Spring of 1776 Kingsfisher,  in company of HMS Liverpool (sixth rate),  and under overall command of Capt. Sir Andrew Snape Hammond in HMS Roebuck (fifth rate), were on Blockade Duty in the Delaware Bay.  Because the American Rebels had denied supplies to the British ships as a result of their harassment of local shipping,  the British made a foraging raid to Bacon's Neck.


This area is just a few miles from where I now live.  When young my Dad would take me all around the area filling my head with family history.  This is where my ancestors first settled in the early 1600's. 



What follows are two accounts of the raid from Chapter 26 of Colonial and Old Houses of Greenwich.  Bacon's Neck got its name from the first Bacon to settle there in 1688.  In 1776 his fifth or sixth generation decedent's owned the land. 


An incident occurred at this place (Bacon's Neck) during the Revolutionary War,  has been handed down from generation to generation.  When the British held possession of Philadelphia,  they sent their soldiers into the Delaware and its tributaries,  to weaken the American Military stations,  and invade along the shores.  ( This is incorrect in that the British did not take Philadelphia until September 26th 1777,  after the Battle of Brandywine on the 11th of September 1777).



First Account


One day an old servant of the Bacon family called Peggy,  saw the British landing a short distance from the home.  She gave the alarm that the "Red Coats" were coming.  Phebe Bacon the daughter, took the baby William from the cradle and ran to Gross's hill, (about 5 miles) near Roadstown,  where she met her parents and returned with them.  They were gone when they arrived,  had committed no depredations,  only had taken some cattle and returned to their boats.



Second account


We give an extract of a letter from an American Officer in Cumberland County Militia,  West New Jersey, May 6th 1776.



"This serves to inform you of an alarm we had about eleven o'clock this day,  of a party of regulars (Royal Marines?),  Landing on Tindall's Island in Bacon's Neck,  about four miles from Greenwich;  supposed to be about thirty in number;  shooting down cattle,  taking them on board, etc.,  whereupon I called the militia together as soon as possible,  and upon our appearance, a gun was fired from on board one of the vessels,  for them to repair on board,  which they did with greatest precipitation.  Our men pursued so closely that we were near taking three prisoners,  one of whom left an excellent musket behind which we got with some cartridges.


They hollowed our men to go on board the King Fisher,  and they would pay for the beef,  it is supposed they took off between 20 and 30 head of cattle,  5 they left dead on shore,  and wounded many others,  which with all the others we have drove from the water side.  They have taken this morning a shallop belonging to Daniel Richards, bound from Philadelphia to Morris River,  but the hands escaped to shore." - " Pennsylvania Journal and Weekly Advertiser.  May 8th 1776." 



Bocon's Neck is in the upper right of Capt. Hammonds Chart 



More to Come


Bob W




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