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Schooner Altair by KeithAug - Scale 1:32 - 1931

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Oh Keith, my heart beats funny when I look at your model of Altair.  It is gorgeous.  The women I dated in my life never had such pretty lines!



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22 hours ago, Jim Lad said:

I'm glad you found the rudder,


19 hours ago, BANYAN said:

Some further rework avoided

John / Pat - yes I think I will have a dedicated bits box on future builds. The rudder didn't take long to find but I was a bit concerned that it might have gone into the workshop black hole like a couple of other things lately. Thank you for your comments.


Thank you Haken / Richard / Druxey - 

For your comments and support throughout the build.


4 hours ago, wyz said:

The women I dated in my life never had such pretty lines

Tom - Maybe its just that memories fade and interest change - but I know what you mean.

2 hours ago, John Allen said:

Not being a wind sailor explain the offset prop and does the placement affect the rudder when not under sail

John - I'm not convinced but it does have few benefits when under engine power. Props produce a component of thrust sideways as well as rearward, (this is usually referred to as prop walk) - depending on the rudder rotation off-setting the prop to port or starboard can compensate for the the prop walk and minimise the amount of rudder needed.  It also has mechanical advantages in that the prop shaft can be removed without having to dismantle the rudder.  To me it seems like the benefits under power are significantly outweighed by the disadvantages under sail, where it will increase drag and produce diferent sailing characteristics on each tack Also under power the wash over the rudder is significantly reduced which I assume makes slow speed handling a bit problematic. That said all the yachts I have sailed have had axial props, so I don't have personal experience. I bet others will have a better answer???? Thank you for your support throughout the build.


When i'm next home I will have a go at a few final photos in the yachts final resting place. My wife has given me permission to have it in the lounge. In the mean time i plan to finish the daughters bathroom.





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Great build Keith. 

About the prop placement. Can it be that the engine is post-fitted? I have seen it in magazines before. Maybe those that fitted the engine did not want to drill through the stern, which is quite a significant piece of wood and hence also didn't want to redo the rudder?


Keith... now what? Any teaser for a next build?

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Hi Keith


beautiful. Also, your techniques were very well thought out.


On the prop, I agree with all you said except that you usually wouldn't need to remove the rudder to slip the shaft out: a scallop in the leading edge of the blade would give the space to slide it out with attached rudders like this. 



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Just SUPERB, well done.


As for the prop I know what you mean about prop walk, the 1902 tug I crew always had the tow rope on the port bollard (plane to see by the wear) and that's because it counters the prop walk. I also think wintergreen might be right in that it would have been too hard to install a centre prop or perhaps even the stern post doesn't allow enough room to do so.

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On 12/02/2018 at 7:46 PM, Wintergreen said:

Any teaser for a next build



Thank you for your comments. As to the next build I'm not sure yet but I like schooners and I do quite like this:- 



At 200ft long she would make a substantial model at 1:36 and I don't want to go smaller as I can manage the detail at this scale.


Mark / Bedford - thanks for visiting and your contribution to the off set prop debate.


For now model making is off the agenda as my wife has broken her arm to get out of domestic duties. Cooking and washing major in the plan for the next 6 weeks.

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2 hours ago, Wintergreen said:

Is that Elena?

Hakan - no but you are quite close. Elena was on the list but I couldn't find the hull lines anywhere.

Edited by KeithAug

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Guest Riccardo1966

Hello Kieth,

It has been a pleasure to watch your build, it is a thing of great beauty.  Looking forward to some final photos of Altair and as to what you will decide is your next project. Wishing you the best and a quick and full recovery for your wife.


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Thank you John / Richard and for your good wishes to my wife.


8 hours ago, Bedford said:

Mighty decent of your wife to hold off on the injury til you had it done!

Bedford - she says it is nice to be appreciated by someone. (She must be feeling better as her voice contained a degree of sarchasm).


The schooner in the pictures is Germania Nova.

Edited by KeithAug

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My brother n law came to stay with his superior camera equipment - so lots of photos which blow up quite well for anyone looking for imperfections. I need sort out a finished model post so I may use some of these. Meanwhile my better half seems to have perked up a little and I may bet back to the workshop soon.

































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