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Hr. Ms. O 19 by Piet - 1939 - 1945, scale 1:50, submarine Royal Navy Netherlands - Finished

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Gwen says she'll brew Douwe Egberts Select coffee, that's the stuff in the silver bag.

I'd rather have 'Van Nelle' coffee if you've got any ... I presume you're preparing for the 'jump off' for version 2.0 ;)

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Hello everybody and thank you all for visiting, your comments and like votes!!!


@ Nenad:  Thank you very much for your kind words and don't stop breathing my friend, we need you  ;)  Well yes, sometimes a person has to try to do the seemingly impossible.  To tell you the truth - - - I really had no clue how to do it with the plug method and it seemed to too time consuming by first having to make a plug.  Oh well, it worked for me and I had a lot of fun doing it.  The crazy thing is that I now think that i can make a dinghy half this size.

If Omega can make a 1 mm toilet and a 6 mm engine then why can't I make a 40 mm POF dinghy?


@ Sjors:  Hold your horses Sjors, the dinghy / jol is being worked on!  I actually made some sawdust this morning!  Had to cut some wood for the keel and sand it down to 1.5 mm thick.  I even started to cut the 4 pieces out for the keel.  They need to be shaped and trimmed and then assembled into a real build-up keel.  Hope to have a few pics tomorrow - - - don't rush me now, I don't want to make any mistakes on this one - - - otherwise I'll blame you when I have to go to version 3  ;)


@ Jan:  Yup, most people guess my age as in the sixties, which is fine with me.  I started first grade in school in 1940 at age 6, in Soeragaja.  We had a slate writing thingy with slate writing tools that we needed to sharpen every morning before being brought to school on my mother's bicycle.  Dinghy / jol is coming up - - - shortly - - - and I had a Belgian bear before dinner  ;)  Sorry Nenad, I couldn't resist that one  :)  :)


@ Popeye:  Yeah, the jol looks okay from where you are but I know where the flaws are and want to make a better one.  This is now my challenge . . . I'm just an old stubborn Dutchman who loves a challenge.  


@ Omega: thank you and see above  :)


@ Carl: We can't get Van Nelle here, at least I haven't seen it in the importer's catalog.  Oh, I can search the web and see if somebody here sells it.   Yup, I started with v 2.0 of the dinghy / jol.


Cheers to all,

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@ Sjors:  Hold your horses Sjors, the dinghy / jol is being worked on!  I actually made some sawdust this morning!  Had to cut some wood for the keel and sand it down to 1.5 mm thick.  I even started to kut the 4 pieces out for the keel.  They need to be shaped and trimmed and then assembled into a real build-up keel.  Hope to have a few pics tomorrow - - - don't rush me now, I don't want to make any mistakes on this one - - - otherwise I'll blame you when I have to go to version 3  ;)



So an Dinghy is a Jol.

Why don't you say that at the first time ????

I don't want to rush you and I don't want to get the blame that you are ruin it  :(

Take your time and I will be waiting in patient...... :P ( but an update then with pictures please ! )

One more thing....can you wash your mouth with soap please ???????

You are saying that you k*t instead of cut 4 pieces...... :angry:  :angry:



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Hi Sjors, yup, a dinghy is the English word for what is called in Holland a jol.  Well yes, I could have used jol but only the few Dutch speaking members would know what I'm talking about, or perhaps not  :)  The rest would have scratched their heads  :P  

I also learned about it after I started research on the O19 and tried to find drawings for this little boat.  They don't have them on airplanes you see, only inflatable rafts  :P

Your patience has been rewarded my friend, see my next post  :10_1_10:

Now about that washing out my mouth. I have no clue what you are talking about  :huh:  I checked back and can't find any problems with mouth washing with soap words  ;)   Ooooh, I see, by magic it was edited.  Hmmm . . . . . ;)  Must be my dyslexia, yup, that's it . . . .  are you buying it, eh Sjors?  Fortunately for me none of the none Dutch speakers here know, or do they?  :)  :)  :)


Hello Popeye, no slack at all, I can't win  :rolleyes:   I still speak with a very slight Dutch accent here but when I speak Dutch there are traces of an American accent.  Perhaps my Dutch accent shows in my writing???  Oh no, say it aint so  :omg:   


Okay, enough fun for tonight and back to serious business.  I have to post an update for Sjors otherwise he'll shove his arm through the internet connection and grab me by the throat  :o   :)  :)  :)  and wash my mouth with soap  :D  :D  :D  :D



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Piet, was there a chance that the little boat was stored upside down with the drain, maybe 2 drains, open. Open drains right side up would take a while to drain the water and might stress the boat. Upside down with the drains open would allow it to be clear of water in a very short time, may even keep pace with the compartment drains.  Air would pass through the drain hole much quicker than water. Be interesting to know how water was managed while the boat was stored.


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Okay Sjors, here is the update  ;)


I decided to make the keel from poplar wood and shaved a piece to 2 mm thick.  This way I have a little more meat for the frames to cement to and also for the rabbet and bearding line at the stern.  I think to add them in but am not sure if I can or even need to.  I'll definitely do the ones at the bow and stern. The planking will but close to the keel where it may not matter.  Too fiddely.

I also decided to make it in several pieces to allow me to make the grain run lengthwise in the pieces to prevent them from breaking at the cross grain parts.  That was a big concern with version 1.0.   Besides, that's the way the drawing shows it as well.  


I didn't make the scarf for the bow bost the traditional way but just a simple scarf on the flat side.  

After these pieces were cut out and semi shaped I glued them all together.


I'll see tomorrow how they came out and if okay I'll start with the frames.  The plan is to make the frames from boxwood that I shaved down to 1 mm thick.  I won't build them up with futtocks but cut them out in one piece, them to prevent them from breaking across the grain I am glueing a piece of 0.65 mm plywood to them.  This way they'll be plenty strong and won't break on me when I'm handling them like v 1.0 did.


Well, that's as far as I got today and will proceed with the frames tomorrow.  


I have also cut e few planks for the side planking.  Here too, I'll try something different to get a better lapstrake, but I'll show and tell when we get to that point.  


Okay, here are two pics of today's work.



This shows the four parts that'll make the keel with bow and stern posts.  I made the main portion of the keel slightly higher to give me some meat for the build dock.  The stern post knee is also slightly larger then needed, it was too small to handle and I'll file it down after it's securely cemented on.  You can also see the scarf I made for the bow post part.



This is the assembled keel all glued up.  Next I have to make the slots for the frames.  I found that the best way doing this is with the #11 Exacto blade.  The frames will be slightly larger then scale but I need some meat for the glue or cement to grab hold to the planks.  I did the same with version 1.0 and yuns thought it looked okay.


Okay, so far so good, I think.



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Hello Jud, thanks for visiting and your question.  This same question was asked last March 20, 2014.  See page 67 and post 996.  From the original drawings it appears that the dinghy or jol was stored right side up.  Even a few of the photos I hive bear this out.  Could it have had one or two bung style holes with tapered stoppers?  I guess so but I have no info about that and the dinghy lines drawings I have don't show it.

My guess is that when pulling the dinghy out they may very well have tipped it on it's stern end or even bow end to drain most of the water out.  I have one photo where they have submerged the sub till the aft deck was awash and floated the dinghy out.  


Bottom line is that it was most likely stowed right side up.  


Here is a drawing of the sub and a close-up of the dinghy stored.







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Hi Omega, thank you for your kind words.  Let's hope I can pull it off but right away I ran into a problem with the bow.  When trying to carve the rabbet it immediately broke off along a grain line, too week.  I'm remaking the entire keel but now from boxwood again, reinforced with the 0.65 plywood.

Hey, such is life in the modeler's world :) 


Hello Dave, you and everybody else are always welcome in my shipyard.  You are too kind.


Hello David B, yeah I'll try but as I mentioned to Omega I did ran into a minor snag.  No biggy though, it has to be good otherwise I could have stuck with version 1.0.


Hoi Sjors, Y'see that I keep my word?  Unfortunately it's only a small update but more is coming.  I did start with the frames already  :dancetl6:   Priegel werk  ;)   Yp, step by step - - - that's why it'll take some time.


Hi John, yup, another dinghy by an old Dutchman  :P


Hallo Carl, ship or boat in a bottle is in the planning stage.  I have lines drawings for a "spiegel jacht"; a "hek jacht"; a 1761 "pleasure jacht"; a 1770 "spiegel jacht"; and a 1760 "paviljoen jacht."  Oh, I have drawings for kotters, botters and what have you.  Now is the question which one I really want to do, they are all beautiful boats.  Perhaps one in a large scale???

As I have mentioned several times now - I need another lifetime to do all the things I want to do.



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Hello Omega, thanks for the tip on liquid CA.  Yes, I have read about that same process but have not tried it yet.  I'll keep a tube of that stuff handy or paste a note in front of my nose as a reminder  ;)   I keep forgetting al these helpful hints  :(

I don't know if TiteBond glue will hold once that CA is applied.  TiteBond or any of the good wood glues need untreated wood to be able to penetrate into.  I'll have to run a test.  Don't particularly like to use CA on open grain wood though.


Hey Harvey, yes, I wanted my father's submarine as my avatar and Merk T helped me out with it.

Dinghy version 1.0 is currently hanging on the loading strap and loading boom, looks okay  :)   Version 2.0 is progressing slowly.  Finished cutting the frames out and reducing their width, they are a little too thick.  I also need to make a build board for mounting the frames to the keel.  Pics tomorrow.



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I have used a combination of CA and PVA a couple of times and it works out.  The moisture in the white glue catalyzes the CA and makes for a tight solid joint.  Wood turners use the thin stuff when they are turning burls so that they do not break.


David B

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Hello all.  Sjors'll be thrilled, here is another update on version 2.0 of the dinghy/jol.


I remade the keel yesterday and cut-out nine of the frames..  The keel looks much better now and is very strong.  I did use the poplar again but this time I glued a piece of 0.65 mm to it.


As mentioned before I glued a piece of 0.65 mm ply to the 1.2 mm boxwood plank I made for the frames.  I cut them out on the Proxxon scroll saw and shaped the outside on my Sears sanding machine but finished sanding by hand following the template lines, with a small home-made sanding block with 320 grit paper.


I cut the inside out with my antique jeweler's coping saw with metal a cutting blade, 80 teeth per inch.  I kept the frames a little deeper and plan to file them down with a rotary file in my Proxxon snake adaptor after the planks are glued on as I did with version 1.0.  I also shaved then down width wise to an width of about 1.5 mm.  I need some meat for the planks to glue to.


Next will be making the frame slots in the keel and a keelson like reinforcing strip.  I also need to make  a better build board, then I can proceed glueing the frames to the keel.


After that I'll have to shape the planks.  I thought in using that 0.65 mm plywood but think I'll stick with the poplar, it's easier to bend and shape then the stiff plywood.  I just need to work slow and careful with these thin poplar planks.  Yeah, I'll soak them in water for a day and then clamp them on the frames wet and let it dry in place.  That's what takes to much time.  I guess I could soak them in alcohol but it dries too quick for me, I like to have more time in laying them up and clamping them.  

I'll sand them down some more after each plank is glued on.  I did the same on version 1.0 and worked fine for me.


I found some very small clothes pin like clamps that seems ideal for this project.  I just hope there are strong enough.


Okay, here are a few pics of what has been accomplished so far.









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Hello Omega, thanks for dropping in and your approval.  Yeah, I tested them after I cut them out, no more worries of breaking.  It'll be slow going.  I'm in a quandary right now with the last frame, #9.  It straddles the stern post knee.  I may have to make it in two pieces and glue and tree nail them to the keel and knee.

On version 1.0 I slotted the knee which is not the correct way but is hidden from sight by the seat.  


Hi John, good seeing you here too and glad to be able to give you ideas.  It sure is a challenge but a lot "easier" then Omega's 2 cmm POF dinghy ;) 



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Hello all, didn't do much on v. 1.0 dinghy.  Have another project going with it and seem to spend more time with that one.  


I make a build dock for the v.2.0 dinghy though to aid in keeping everything square.  I also made the slots in the keel to fit the frames and they all fit snug.  I still need to check all of them for plank alignment so that all are on the same plain.


I think that instead of carving rabbet in the bow post for a hold-down for the planks I'll glue a piece of tapered strip of wood there.  That way the planks have something to hold on to.  Well, I may change my mind on this - - - - - -  :unsure:


This was actually garden day for me but everything was to wet so I spend the time in the shipyard.  If the weather is dry tomorrow then I'll have to to the garden work.  Some major pruning of two hedges and I'm using an electric chain saw, therefore things have to be dry.  I don't like fry myself  :o


Here are a few pics of my crude build dock.







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