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Lindberg Jolly Roger by DSiemens - Plastic - Restoration

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I hope I have this topic in the right place if not moderators please correct me.  I figured scratch because it's a scratch project on an already built kit.  


I'll explain.  My first ship model ever I got when I was 17.  It's a Lindberg Jolly Roger plastic kit.  I was used to building airplanes at that time so I built it in a similar way with just the pieces provided and some paint.  At that time I didn't add rigging.  It had the back stays but that was about it.  As I got more into ship in bottle building I added some rigging.  I guess you can say it was ship in bottle rigged since it was just the lines with no blocks.  The lines them selves weren't even totally correct they just looked ...about right.  In our last move the ship got really banged up.  Broken bowsprit, broken plastic sails, bent masts all sorts of problems.  I've decided to restore it using wood parts all scratch built.  


I've always had a problem building bigger ship models.  I don't know what it is.  It's probably that I find them intimidating.  There's a lot of parts and pieces and a lot that I have a general idea about but not a thorough knowledge of.  Since I enjoy rigging and how rigging looks and works I thought this might be a good project to get my feet wet so to speak.  I decided I might as well post this since I feel like I'm getting stuck and I've made some good progress so far so I'd like to continue.  Here's what I've got.


This is me a few years ago....7 or 8 years I think.  I post it because it's one of the few pictures I have of the model as I originally built it.  This was preship in bottle building.  




This is what I've built so far.  I have the masts in place and tapered and one cross tree in place.  




This is the cross tree I built.  I think my spacing between the lower and upper mast might be to wide.  I'm open to thoughts.  Still got quiet a few more to do.  


Also on the original model there was an additional piece to the bowsprit.  In small models I glue the pieces together and tie some string around but I want this one to look right.  How were those two pieces held together?


I'm also open to books I should read.  I tried The Rigging of Ships by R.C. Anderson but I got very lost in the, "it was built this way with a lot of exceptions" style the author used.  Let me know what you think.  






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Hi Daniel it is great to see you posting a new project. many years ago I picked up a small publication from Kalmback books called "how to build plastic ship models, (ducks to avoid the thrown fruit) there is a section in it on the rigging and it is very basic and might be a useful read. there are a few drawings and some clear text along with reasonable photographs.


I know that there are all sorts of great publications out there, I thought this might be a useful document in any case. and then there is the section at the beginning of the forum in the resources section

Always a good place to start.



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I have this one in my stash Daniel.  if you need the instructions.....give me a shout.   to put it simply.......rigging is all logic.   for every forward support,  there is a backward support.   I also heard some scuttlebutt,  that the kit has some flaws in it.   checking it out,  I found that it's not the best made kit........but see,  I like that.   it's odd that I haven't pulled it out sooner because of it  ;)


you have a good hull to work with....I know you'll have a swell time of it  :)

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Thanks Michael I'll look into those. Also thanks Popeye she is a tough kit. I remember the pieces didn't go together very well and mine is full of flaws. I'm fixing a few and working around the rest. As a whole though she's a beautiful ship and despite the flaws well worth the build. If this project goes well I may consider getting a wood kit of the LA Flore which is what this ship actually is.

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