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Marking portholes and fittings on the side of a hull

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Hi everyone,

  I have a dilemma. I need to transfer portholes, casemates, and other hull fittings from a profile plan to the side of a hull, and I am looking for an accurate method. Since the plan is flat and the hull isn't I can't transfer directly from plan to hull. I was thinking of marking the locations on a batten, then transfer the marks along the deck's centerline. I can then use a square to extend these marks to the sides of the hull. Any ideas on this would be most appreciated.


     Ron W.

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Would work if the side view you are using is a true side view as you would find in a mechanical drawing. A mechanical drawing using A top view, side view and end view would show the effects of the hull curves on the side view, there would be no uniform gun port widths along the hull. Don't think the side view you are probably using is that type of side view, if everything along the hull is uniform it is not. Now time for others to take it from here.


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If you have a top view, use that for marking off things.  If not, it's a bit more complicated.  Reference my crude drawing....


Set the ship up on the workbench or table.   Lay the plan down in front of it and line up the bow and aft.  Then it's a simple matter of running line (red lines) using a ruler/t-square/triangle such that you can transfer the ports, etc. to the side of the ship.


It seems more complex than it is but once you set it up, it should become clear.





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I had a similar need for transferring the hawse pipes.  My difficulty was that comparing the curve length to the "straight" length showed a difference.




The purple line is rotated to allow comparison to the green line.


My difficulty was that on the Syren, I could not find the hawse holes depicted on a top down view.

Let me know if my logic is wrong...:-)



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No Richard, you're not wrong.  What I showed is actually the "reverse" of the way the draftsman would do it from what I've read.   In that case, they take the measurement of the ports from the keel.  


Hawse holes are a different critter.  What does Chuck have to say about the hawse pipes in the instructions?   As I recall, that tutorial/practicum is pretty comprehensive.

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