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Livre Collection de plans ou Dessins de navires et de bateaux anciens et modernes

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Thanks, grsjax and ofencer29350, for the links. I've joined the forum modèlisme naval bois as a result. I also like the Marine et Modélisme d'Arsenal forum. There are plenty of great builds in both, as well as the different range of models from this forum. It's wonderful to peek into the fora in other countries such as Russia, Germany, Japan etc as they also look great -- representing different styles, models and culture which all adds to the interest and contextualises our different conceptual frameworks and conventions in this hobby.



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Hi Mark, Still have not been able to download, I found the icon but it just keeps spining I waited at least 7min and could not get it downloaded, What am I doing wrong. Thanks Don

Don -


Make sure the pdf button is clicked, and the check box at the bottom of the window that pops up.

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Interesting French book that can be downloaded.  http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k5699565s.r=Collection%20de%20plans%20bateaux


Website is in French but I managed to get the book downloaded in pdf format ok not knowing any French.

Wonderful resource - THANK YOU!!!  This is one of the classics, frequently referenced.  There is a modern reproduction of many of the plans available as well, but the original is always a better resource.

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When you click the down arrow on the left another window should shiw up with pdf or jpg as options and a small square block to click at the bottom agreeing to the terms. If the window doesn't show you may have a setting in your briwser blocking it.

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If you click on the link, it opens... look to the left


The red arrow shows the download icon.



This will open another window.  Make sure the two buttons have been clicked... the ones with the red arrow. When done, click the button with the blue arrow.



I hope this helps.

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Excellent resource, Admiral Paris is one of the classics... thank you very much grsjax and all!


Just in case, for all the non French-speakers which have difficulties to download the resource:  to download you must first check the box which says En cochant cette caisse, je recconais avoir pris... etc.


It is just a check  that you agree with the terms and conditions on which you have to click first, otherwise the download does not happen!

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