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Cutter Cheerful 1806 by Rustyj - FINISHED - 1:48 Scale

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Hi All,



Well the Winnie is in dry dock, I've finished the Cazador for my grandson, things have


calmed down and now I'll start my build log for Chucks Syren Ship Model Company's


HM Cutter Cheerful 1806 in 1:48 scale. The model will also be fully rigged.



I plan on using a lot of Chucks available laser cut parts. Most of the wood used in the


model will be boxwood except for the deck which will be holly and the bulkheads which


are plywood.



I know there are plenty of great Cheerful’s being built here and anything I do won't be


different from those build. I've listed the build here as a scratch build but quite honestly

with Chuck's laser cut parts it's a lot like a kit.The plans and practicum are Chuck’s usual

splendid work. Easy to understand and very precise.


Here are the laser cut bulkheads.





The two halves of the bulkhead former weighted waiting for the glue to dry.






The keel attached.






All of the bulkheads added and drying.






Lots a sanding to do next to fair the bulkheads.

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Thanks Eric. Oh I'll apologize to you right now then!


Ok next up I started fairing the hull. Lots of elbow grease needed here.

I mainly used 80 grit sand paper and course perma grit files. I then switched

to 100 grit sandpaper. Once I frame the port sills and fair them I’ll switch to

150 grit paper.








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Oh it's a real long distance move Ben.


All of three miles away from my current house. At least I’ll save on fuel! :D


Same area just a different house. Oh and it has space for a 10'x20' workshop

in the basement. Gonna have to build it though. B)

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After the preliminary fairing of the hull I used batten strips to mark the gun port sills.

I pinned it to several bulkheads and used rubber cement on the bulkheads that were not

pinned. I was able to make some subtle adjustments to get what looked like a smooth run.






After marking the sill’s location I cut them out of boxwood. I choose to install them between

every bulk head for added stability for the final fairing.






Now it’s time for more for more sanding. Oh such fun. ;)


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Hi all,

Well all of the uprights have been added and the first round of sanding completed.

Adding the extra bracing worked well for me as I didn’t snap anything off……yet! :huh:







Though this is listed as a scratch build I will from time to time (read every chance I get)

use Chuck’s laser cut products. Purely for research purposes mind you.


Next I'll start framing the stern. One of many ah....cheats I will be doing. I ordered the

boxwood frames from Chuck and they are perfect.





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To start assembling the laser cut stern frames I first had to glue the two outer

frames for each side together. They were then placed in the corresponding slots

on the stern. Then three more frames were glued to these. In all 5 layers were

assembled on each side.


Here they are all glued and clamped to dry.




Once dry the laser char was removed. A reference line needed to be marked on

the frames. To do this I glued a piece of pencil lead to the end. Holding the strip

wood against the hull I traced the reference line. The wood will be removed so it

is close to the hull fairing.





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The remaining stern frames were glued into position and the sills and lintels

added for the stern ports. Then the start of the square was made with the

placement of a piece cut from some 1/32" sheet.






You also can see the preliminary fairing of the outboard edge of the stern frames.


Next up will be the start of the hull planking. I'm off to start cutting the strips of boxwood. :) 

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