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Cutter Cheerful 1806 by Rustyj - FINISHED - 1:48 Scale

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Well it’s time to start chapter 6 which covers inboard work. The first step

requires making a lot of dust again. The bulwarks need to be thinned down

to 1/16”. I placed a piece of strip wood to show 1/16” and how much needs

to be removed.




To accomplish this I used a dremel tool with a course bit and then a fine

sanding drum to get close and finished with sandpaper. Here you can see

the tools I used  as well as the down draft table to collect the majority

of the dust.




Here you can see a section roughed in. Once all has been sanded like this I’ll

go back and clean it up and finish it off.




After finishing the sanding it will be time to install the false deck and plank

the bulwarks. :) 

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Hi Rusty


Shame about the damage mate but nicely fixed.


You weren't kidding when you said you went with the subtle colour for the treenails, they do however look great. 


Be Good



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Hi All,


Continuing on I’ve completed sanding the bulkheads to the desired thickness.

The false deck was cut out of some 1/16” cherry I had on hand. I made it out

of two pieces and after adjusting and fitting it I had a minor gap in the middle

which I filled with wood filler.


Once that was completed I planked the bulkheads and painted it with Red Ochre.




Here you can see that the cap rail has been completed and the margin planking has been started.




That’s the fun stuff. :)


Well the Admiral and I have purchased a different home and I am now in full

renovation mode. Sadly by the end of this month (April) the workshop will

shut down until the move has been completed and a new workshop constructed.


The new shop will be in a 12x20 section of the basement that is currently unfinished.




So it is going to be a happy/sad time coming up. It will be thrilling to double my

workshop space but shutting down the shop for 3 months or more will really be annoying!

So I will be getting done what I can in between work and the renovations till the end of

the month. :( 

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I was delighted to see all of the great progress you've made, but sad to see that you'll be out of commission for a while. I guess that a new home and workshop is worth it. :)  :)



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Thanks Chuck and everyone for the likes.


I'm hopeful that I won't be out of action long but the realistic side of me knows I'm just dreaming. :)

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Oh boy it's time to make some deck structures. I love this part of the build.

First up is the deck grating and coamings. I’ll be using Chucks jig and

cambered gratings strips from Syren Ship Model Company.


The gratings and coamings are made from boxwood.




You can see how they look after removal from the jig but before being

trimmed and coamings added.




And here they are trimmed to size and then the coaming added.






This grating kit is great! Thanks Chuck! :) 

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Thanks Ken and all those likes.


Next was another of Chucks mini kits, the sky light.


It is very small and delicate but as you can see Chuck gives you extra pieces and it all 

went together with no problems. :)






Companionway and windless are next!

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Hi all,

As you may have noticed things have been really slow in the shipyard.

Renovations at the new house are in full swing and taking most of my

free time. Within the next week or two I’ll sadly be closing down for an

extended period.


Here is a brief update with one more to come. Ok maybe two if I can squeeze it in!


The completed companionway.




Windless kit from Syren Ship Model Company










Here are the hatches, companionway and skylight placed.






Now I'm ready to start planking the deck! :) 


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Your Cheerful is looking great.  We missed you at the Northeast Conference.  Don't slow down too much as we would like to see you bring your Cheerful to next year's Conference.  Looking forward to more updates.​

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Hi All,

Been real busy here with the renovations and getting ready to move. I managed to

get the deck planked over the past two weeks. The curved planking was a lot of fun

to do in a sick kind of way. J


Here is the planking done through the center of the deck.




After looking it over I wasn't happy with the alignment with the aft most hatch and skylight.

So I ripped off the planking to the skylight and repositioned the hatch and skylight and

re-planked it. Much happier now.


Here is the completed planking and sadly the last that work that will be done for some time to come.





The shop is now officially closed, the Cheerful has been packed up and I'm now starting to

pack up the rest of the shop.


I’ll be living vicariously through all of you and hopefully rejoin you sooner instead of later.


So long for now!


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Thanks Brian and Chuck. Unfortunately it's the double whammy of summer chaos and the move.


May have to set up a temporary shop in the dinning room. ;)

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Sorry to hear that the time has come to pack it all up, Rusty.  We'll just have to wait for things to be moved and the turmoil that moving entails to be settled.

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