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Artesania Latina 1 :100 LIBERTY


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Why are you so interested in such kit?

currently there are various kits on the market that are almost hydentical to the Liberty, such as the "Albatros" from Mantua, "Albatross" from Constructo, "Newton" from Mamoli...

Pay attention to the material of the AL old kits,too: I have purchased an old "Le hussard" and all the frame components are not pre-cut.

I think they started very late to produce pre-cut frames in their kit.

In anycase, if you are searching for it "absolutely", you can still use ebay, but in a more "invasive" way: you must open the ebay of a neighbour country (for example for me is opening ebay.uk instead of ebay.it) and look directly if someone offers it with the limitation of the national selling (which usually it doesn't appear in international version).

Then you send an email to the seller asking the quotation for the shipping.

You must do that for each country that is enough near.

I purchased some goods in that way, using ebay.uk.

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It was the first one I ever built - and I am now looking for a small model but with potentialities to build concurrently with my Pegasus.


While looking, I saw a Liberty kit advertised on ebay and the idea struck me then - but that kit had gone a long time ago and I cant find any around.


MY FIRST......



I was going to bequeath Pegasus to my grandson( assuming I finish before I reach the Great Shore) but my Commodore (ss) pointed out that my daughter was not likely to welcome a thing the size of a cased  Pegasus into her furniture scheme.


I treasure Liberty greatly but it would be nice to fix all the little details I didnt know about then - like those dreadfully low channels and and and.....


But also it is only 18 inches  (45cm) long by 23 inches (58cm) high I can find no existing kit of about that size that arent just " build in an afternoon" toys. 


If I cant find a Liberty then I suppose it will probably be Pickle

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I succeded on finding the "Le Hussard" in the way exposed above, in a "UK only" auction in ebay.uk.

I searched it all over europe without success, and finally I changed "strategy"...

In anycase was a mid-70' kit, so the wood is extremely dry and not so good now for ship modelling.

So evaluate the aging of the wood, too.

In my opinion it is better to focus on a new model.

Beware that 1:100 is an extremely small scale for small ships.

The improvements that can be done on such scale are limited by the size and not by the knowledge of the modeller.

As an alternative I suggest the Corel Ranger, which I done last year.

It still an american schooner, with 46 cm of lenght but with a 1:50 scale, that provide more pleasure than 1:100 and a more detailed rigging.

But surely the Caldercraft Pickle matches better your needings.

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Thanks for your advice and efforts Cristiano.


I am aware of the problems of using old kits - I assumed I would have to replace most of the wood.


Looked at your model logs by the way - lovely detail work  - but when I said details I was talking about very broadbush stuff like getting the water line run right and again  - oh those channels !


Pickle really is a good size.


Ranger is on the list but I dont like the mast placement - perhaps if I bashed it a bit, lost the big gun and rerigged as a brig  or more precisely maybe - a brigantine - square rigged only on the foremast with the foremast stepped back a bit.


If i was just building another without strict size limits I quite fancy Badger next.


Saw you did Unicorn - I did her about 12 or more years ago -  really struggled with the kit but made a passable job.


But please keep the suggestions coming chaps.  


Any comments about scratch building such a small vessel ?

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perhaps if I bashed it a bit, lost the big gun and rerigged as a brig  or more precisely maybe - a brigantine - square rigged only on the foremast with the foremast stepped back a bit.

Well, definetly is not your type of ship! :)

Regarding the Unicorn, I have net yet started it (it is on the shelf still packed).

I looked for a representative British frigate and purchased it, but soon I discovered that was not truly the original one.

So is on the shelf awaiting for the inspiration to come: It will become like the original drawings of the National Maritime Museum (Lyme class) and like the original Chapman drawings.

But the inspiration has not yet arrived....since means some of drawings and studies to be done.


Regarding scratch build a small ship, it will be an easy task for you.

Every problem is small!

The chosen scale is very common and you will find plenty of accessories available on the market to complete it.

The hull is rather simple, so creating the ordinates will not be a problem.

eventually you can purchase drawings and scale them accordingly to your needings.

I scratch builded a Pirate junk scaling the original Amati drawings that purchased.

That allowed me to work better.

But you can do the reverse operation, shrinking the size.

Below there is a one small ship I have done by scratch: a "Sicilian Speronara" a transport ship with xebec origins.

Its hull (hull only) is 34 cm long, so it is more or less the size you intend to do.

But the scale is 1:60, that allows a lot of pleasure on making the details.

1:100 is a scale that IMHO fits well for big ships of the line, not for small schooners.

Regarding the Badger, is a very interesting small model.

Unfortunately now I have still three and half ships to do (which means at least 4 years of work), so I musn't purchase anything else for a lot of time.



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Thank you Slagoon I appreciate that.


But I  am in the UK and the guy wasnt prepared to ship it . 


It was a whimsical idea anyway.   



HMS Pickle may well be my route now I think.


Just for interest though -  I had forgotten that the hull was solid  - out of some sort of wood substitute.

But the unique feature was that the supplied planking was all PREGLUED - take off the paper backing and apply.  Its still total stuck after the best part of twenty years - now there a product line which would come in handy !!

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