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Nao Santa María by J. Muñoz - America discovery ship - Finished

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HI Juan,


Thanks for reposting your log, much appreciated. We need to get as many logs back on the forum as possible.








Hopeful aka David




“there is wisdom in many voices”




Completed: Sharpie Schooner (Midwest) Posted on kit build log.


Current: Sultana (MSW) Updating the build log and continuing on with the build




Next: Lady Nelson (Amati Victory)


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Hi, Juan, it is pleasant to me to see again a photo of your model already on MSW 2.0!  :)

Best regards,




Is under construction Montanes


Ready models Golden Star Corsair San Francisco II

Bronze 24-pdr canone Le Fleuron

Bronze 24-pdr canone Le Fleuron (second version)

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Lovely work. I have a soft spot for Santa Maria. My Grandfather was going to make a model of her, but sadly he ran out of time. Perhaps one day I will make a model of her.

Ian M.


Current build: HMS Unicorn  (1748) - Corel Kit


Advice from my Grandfather to me. The only people who don't make mistakes are those who stand back and watch. The trick is not to repeat the error. 

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