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Corsair by Rainbow - OcCre - 1:80 - first wooden model kit

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Hi Rainbow

Looks like you have a very good start. Planking is a learning thing. Different types of ships will be harder then others. 

The most important thing I learned is the planks should lay down without much force. I use the same bending tool as use have. It works well for bending the wood for the hull. I also use a curling iron at times. 

For your first build and the tools you have you are doing really great. I started out with a lot of wood experience, ( I built rc airplanes, and other wooden projects ) and had a boat load of tools ( power and hand tools )

You will get better, and it will be easier with every build.


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I have a disk sander from Micro Mark. It seems I use that more then any other tool. I set it up for " 0 " clearence. If you don't know what that is let me know I will send a pic.

Also I have a dremel, and a dremel drill stand that I use for drilling, but also set up for a milling machine. If you would like to see I can send a pic.

I think you will need some type of sander soon. Trying to do all that sanding by hand get old real fast.

I am following your build so let me know if I can be of help, or shoot me a message.


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Hey Joe,


Yeah I think as well I'll need some sander soon since it's annoying and really slowly to do this manually (feasible but still...).


If you have such disk sander ->

I see it's application but for example how I'll sand the planking (or balsa wood below it if needed) with it? Can't really imagine that.


@Elijah - you mean hand dremel with some Sanding Disc/Sanding Band? That might be more useful I guess.



Or might continue with this haha :bird-vi:


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Hi Rainbow

If you are talking about sanding the planks on the hull, then I think hand sanding is the best.

I was talking about sanding the planks before they are on the hull.

I use my sander for so many things.

Also the the size of the dish helps.

Mine is 10 inch so I have 5 inch of sanding area.

I use mine for making the masts and yards cone shape.

It is really fast.

I spin the yard with left hand, and a little pressure with the right

You can also see how small I can make things with zero clearence.





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I have been looking over a build log that you might want to see.

He does a great job planking.


Also as to what you were talking about sanding, I found a page about using scrapers.

I have never tried this, but I may in the future.



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