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A Badger or a Granado?


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Hello all,


Although only about half way through building my Pickle, thoughts naturally turn to the "what next" question.


For ages, I had always planned to build Badger as a seemingly natural progression from Pickle.


...and then I had a look at your Granado build - now that looks interesting!!


I checked out the build logs and manuals available at Caldercraft/Jotika - looks a lot harder than Pickle that's for sure....


So, should it be Badger or Granado?


Any comments welcome from anyone on here - but please -  not the "Oh, do both" one!!!!

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I think it depends upon how much complexity you want. I haven't built Badger but it looks to be less complex than Granado. I'm obviously biased, but I think Granado builds into a beautiful vessel; I'd go with her. The Caldercraft kit is very nice, and can be made even better with a few modifications. 

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Hi Joe


Thanks for your response. I found your Build Log earlier and will be taking a good look there.


You mention modifications? Can I presume that your suggestions are found in your log?


One modification that I have made to my current Pickle build is the addition of furled sails - well they will be added once I get something built to attach them on - I'm getting towards finishing the deck furniture, so am already starting to work out the additional beley points etc.


I am getting hooked on Granado the more I look in to this, so I look forward to a 'cuppa tea' and a good read of your log!!




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hi John,


Yes. The modifications that I made are fairly well spelled out in my log. You might want to look at Timmo's log as well for some good ideas. I "borrowed" a bit from him... 


It's a very good kit right out of the box, with the biggest issue being the walnut second planking material was a bit splintery in my kit. I chose to replace with boxwood. 


If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. 

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Many thanks Joe.


Yes, I've also earmarked Timmo's log also.


Re the walnut planking - I used the same for Pickle. I seem to have been lucky as I had not one strip that caused problems.


With all my planking I used to put 1-2 strips in the sink - covered with lukewarm water for 15 minutes or so, then when I was ready, out came one strip, in with a new one and so on. This allowed to bend the wood without any problems, tools or clamps. I just used paper clips using the previous plank as support to clip the new plank to as I went along.


I will no doubt be in touch in future so thanks for the offer of help.


Just a little matter of finishing Pickle then - so this time next year I might be just about ready to go.



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