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Revell Bismarck 1/350 upgrade sets

Kevin Ma

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If I had choose between those two sets, then I would go with the Pontos set. That being said, both of those sets are really delicate and you need a very light hand when working with them. The wood deck is nice, but the Revell kit already has a one piece deck, so the wood deck is redundant if you can paint a convincing deck.


I have the Eduard sets for my Revell 1/350 Tirpitz and I am happy with them. I agree with Greg though, check out online reviews before you purchase anything, because both of those PE sets are expensive.


Hope this helps,




Edit: another thing you should know is that Pontos and Lions Roar instructions are somewhat difficult to follow and not complete. You will need to do your research in regards to the placement of parts. I prefer Eduard's instruction but if you know your ship then you'll be able to figure out where things go.

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Hi Kevin,


I have the Pontos set and can't complain about it.  It's made for the Revell kit and although I am yet to start it, all parts look excellent and well made/thought out.  Can't wait to get into it after my current builds - one of which is the HMS Warspite with Pontos set, and it's excellent with good fit and really enhances the look.


I haven't heard a bad review on it - the only detraction I've read is that some of the parts are tiny, and need folding/joining, so it does need a steady hand and PE experience.  


Worth having some PE tools too, I've picked up the PE benders and rollers from thesmallshop.com. and couldn't live 

without them.



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...Worth having some PE tools too, I've picked up the PE benders and rollers from thesmallshop.com...






Thanks for providing that link. I had no idea where to find those tools, as I have been away from doing plastic models for some years now and haven't kept up with things.

What I need as well is a good set of lighted magnifying glasses for the really small stuff. I've been checking out Amazon and they have a number of options.




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