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Bowditch original, once owned by Woode Langdon


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I am trying to find one particular copy of Bowditch, and wonder if someone knows its whereabouts or even has it themselves. It is all part of a long research project to establish the history of HMS Whiting, the Royal Navy schooner which was captured twice in 1812. 


While browsing through the interweb I found an extract from Goodspeed's catalogue of second hand books for 1959. It is only 'snippet views' but I managed to put together enough to show that the copy was originally owned by 'Woode Langdon Captain of the Brig Drummond at Portsmouth in Virginia' who gave it to Lewis Maxey, commander of Whiting. Whiting was the first capture of the War of 1812. She was released from her capture, sailed away and was then captured by the French privateer Diligente. The copy of Bowditch was then possibly returned to Langdon. 


The book has hand written entries by Langdon and Maxey and annotations to a map opposite the title page. If anyone here knows where to find this copy, and can get me photos of the marked up pages, then I will be most grateful. I know that it is a very long shot to try to find one particular copy of a book, but it is probably sitting on a shelf somewhere. 


George Bandurek

George Bandurek

Near the coast in Sussex, England


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