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I picked up a load of avocado wood today.  Anyone have any experience using it in model building?


According to the internet it works much like birch or big leaf maple.  Color looks to be a light to medium brown.  Haven't cut it into boards yet so don't know how the grain is going to look.

My advice and comments are always worth what you paid for them.

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Would be interesting to see some pictures of it.

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Here's some of what I could find on it via Google...





It is apparently hard to get although some do make furniture from it.

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Hee Hee, apparently Avacado wood is not hard to come by in Hawaii. Fun.  Don, looks like you are the first to give it a serious effort. You could build a series of models and call it your Guacamole fleet. Be interested to find out how it works out. What is the color, does it mill nicely? Does it sand smoothly?. What is the hardness ,say compared to pine ,or maple? Fun stuff.         Bill in Idaho, where Avacado is a house plant.

Bill, in Idaho

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In my opinion it looks like it might be a little too porous for the scales we work in. Wait and see how it looks when it is completely dry, maybe it will tighten up.

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