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Attaching Parrels to the gaff


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Please excuse me if I have named things wrong here, however I am trying to learn the various areas of a sailing ship but it isn't coming on fast. I am at the point of attaching my mid sail, there are Two attachments that run top and bottom of the sail which then run horizontal to the mast, I think they are called Gaffs? at the end of these I have to attach black beads, I think they are called parrels? can anyone give me any idea the best way to tie these beads on, was there any specific knot that was used in days gone by so to speak as I am trying to teach myself the correct ways.


Many thanks for any help



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Each of the two jaws on the spar has a vertically bored hole through their extreme end. Each of the two ends of the parrel rope pass through one of the holes on each jaw and each then has a stopper knot tied in the end so it may not slip out. The parrel rope is not tight at all, if it was tight it would cause friction and raising and lowering the sail would be much more difficult, its only function is to keep the jaws around the mast. The beads are just rollers to limit any friction and prevent the rope from wearing.

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