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Help my boat is bent !

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Hi l am looking for advice I am planking the deck of my Syran model and it is bent !

Do I follow the bend with the planks or do I start with a straight line from the center of the bow to the center of the stern

I am thinking of going for the latter

It is approximately one planks width out in the center

Thanks Andy

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Hi Andy


What stage are you at with hull. If its finished I can understand why you would want to accept the bow and try to make the best of it when planking the deck. The best solution is always to try to remove the bow. If you don't want to do this then working from a straight centre line is probably going to be easier than trying to follow the bend.



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Hi Andy,


Looks like you don't have many options there.


I agree with your original thoughts. Don't look at the bulkheads, just lay your center plans between the center of stem and center of transom. You're deck will be wider to one side, but only slightly. It won't be noticeable unless you're looking really closely. Only problem I can see is that you're masts will be slightly off center too. Shrouds on one side will be slightly longer than on the other. But, looks like you're only talking about 1/8", so you should be fine.


The photo of your model from the side looks great, by the way.



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Thanks Antony and Clare for your advise the only thought I had was that the deck would look odd if where the planks were nibbed intp the margin plank they would be out of sync port/starboard

but i think that would be less noticable when covered by the guns etc than the centre furniture not looking correct


Sorry Antony I havn't done a build log I have some photo's so maybe I should




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Lay out line down the center of the deck from bow to stern. Then start your planking in the center of the deck working out to the sides. Never start your planking form the bulwarks or sides and go towards the center. Sorry, but looking at the pictures, I ain't seeing no bend or warp.




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Hi Andy,


We all had to start somewhere mate, for every problem you have and fix is experience gained.


There is a great deal of satisfaction when a problem is corrected and it doesn't matter if help was sought, you still have to make the repair / fix.


I think in this situation I would follow Spyglass's suggestion and cheat, you just need to work out the width's of the planks either side of the centre line. You know how many planks should go in so you will be able to make the adjustments.


Good luck with the fix and you really do need to open a build log.


Be Good



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