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Proxxon Scroll Saw Problems DSH 37090 UPDATED

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Saw is about 15 months old. Today it started changing speed during a cut. Stopped it, restarted and the variable speed dial at first didn't work (no change in speed) then it did. I started cutting again and it start to slow down mid cut. Reinstalled the blade, just to do something, but it continued.


Anyone experience this?


Moved to this saw from a basic Sears unit. Thought I was stepping up. Pretty disappointing.


Update....found the speed adjuster loose. I retightened, and also found I had the recently installed new with pins, incorrectly tightened with the adjustments that are used with pines blades. Seems to be operating OK now.


I've got some cutting to do tomorrow, so I'll see if works OK.



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I have a number of Proxxon tools including a scroll saw. Haven' t had any issues yet. Proxxon tools come with a 2 year warranty. If it were me I would return it to the supplier rather than stuff around with it and perhaps void any warranty.



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Hello, should you continue to have problems please contact me as I am a Proxxon Distributor and I can arrange for it to be returned for warranty service. Just let me know.



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