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Rigging Oseberg sail

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Hello help I'm stuck.

I am just finishing my Oseberg Viking ship and am stuck on how to do the rigging and which size cord to use, I would be very grateful if anyone had any diagrams on how to do the rigging and which of the different size cords to use and where.




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Nice pictures, Tadeusz. These really are lovely-looking ships.


Steve, just a point of interest - the rigging on these ships is mainly based upon educated guesswork. No cordage has survived, as far as I'm aware, on any Viking ship found so far (though they have found various things which appear to work as deadeyes and other artefacts which seem to belong with the rigging, and there are also a few rather interesting representations of rigging - though far too vague to be terribly helpful - on Viking runestones).


However, these replicas have sailed long distances under all sorts of conditions and have had time to work out any bugs in the rigging. It may not be exactly as the Vikings used, but  it certainly works as it is, and we'll probably never know any better.



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I am sure you have heard of the biggest and newest and perhaps the most carefully executed  viking ship replica, the Dragon Herald? If not, google "Dragon Herald" http://www.drakenexpeditionamerica.com/ I have been following their progress on social media and they have done a lot of research and implementation of rigging in the last two years. Google them. Also spelled

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