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Hi there,


I've recently got back into model making.  I've never made a wooden model ship (or any other type for that matter!) My forté was 54mm - 75mm scale figures and dioramas.  However, a 20 year career in the RN left me with a liking for the sea and I'm now part way through an Amati HMAV Bounty (there's "dust" everywhere in my work area at the moment as I'm filling and fairing!) 

When I was modelling before, I had a little compartmentalised "tunrntable" that came from a graphics shop that I once worked in.  I used it for standing a lot of my tools and things in.

The better part of thirty years, umpteen house moves and a couple of kids (now adults) have left my turntable heaven knows where! 


So now that I've "returned from the cold', I need some way of storing my modelling tools whilst having them easily to hand.  This will not only keep my workspace clear, but also keep my tools in better condition and keep me from injuring my self on needlepoint sharp kit!


I searched everywhere in stationery stores and suppliers, graphic art shops...  Allsorts. Nothing.  So I turned my attention to E-Bay.  Eventually, I found something...  in "Health & Beauty"/"Make Up"/ "Make up tools & accessories"




I'm not sure that the full link will show so it was described on E-Bay UK as

"360-degree Spinning Cosmetic Organizer Display Makeup Box Case Cleanup Rotating"


It arrived in just a few days and I set to, "adapting it" to my needs.  It's not finished but I have managed to clear a BIG space on my work table!


I thought it might work for someone else, so I've posted it here...


I hope it helps someone else.




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Thanks for the compliments guys.  No, it doesn't take up much space (about 10 square inches) on the desk and thus far (2 afternoons) it has been really good.  My thought is to cut some wooden triangles to fit into a couple of the shelves and drill the wood out to hold various drill bits and dremmel accessories/cutting heads etc.

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