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HMS Hood by jim_smits - Hachette partworks - 1:200

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Hello all,


I am taking a bit of a gamble and going to attempt the Hachette partworks model of HMS Hood. I say a gamble because this was first published four years ago and I will be purchasing editions of the magazine from eBay, Gumtree and other assorted online resources. I think locating and buying the editions will be as much of a challenge as building the ship itself!


I have today managed to buy issues 1-7 and 26-32 from a supplier on eBay for £3 each. I also have a beady eye on listings from 8-19 which are on a bidding basis ending tonight. Watch this space! Of course if any of you are desperate to donate / sell any unwanted editions this would be very welcome. ;) ;)


As some of you know I am in the process of moving house (eventually) and so I suspect actual construction will probably be delayed until I move and build my new workshop but I will try and squeeze something in before then if I can.

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Yes, I did notice there were some seriously fiddly photo etch parts from reading some old build blogs online. I have had some practise by building some of the range of metal earth models.

Cant be any worse than 350 scale surely?  when i did my first bit of etch on my Warspite(just a ladder and small platform) i was holding my breath - told the wife not to talk - turn down the TV and hold onto the cat to stop her jumping on the table /work bench, it was murder and i am yet to do those tinny tiny little little little orke  machine guns that i can hardly see let alone put together...... :o  :o  :o 


But we all endure and manage some how ;):D



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Right. Did a slightly different search on eBay and may be coincidence but a guy in Newport had just listed the entire collection on a buy it now or best offer listing with no postage cost. Is it any of you.....???


Just sent a message with an offer that I will collect and save a lot of postage cost and hassle. He asked for £780 which is only just under the original total cost. Made a lower offer. Let's see if he accepts......

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I think locating the magazine editions is going to be as big a part as the build log. However, I have had a very productive afternoon and actually saved a fair bit of money. A supplier on eBay listed a huge number of back issues and I've managed to grab another 78 issues for £3 each.


I'm going to get a few big deliveries....!

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I don't have any actual build progress to report unfortunately but I do now have a confirmed move date of April 1st. Hopefully, I can find a temporary building area whilst I install my workshop.


In the meantime I have been busy collecting issues of the magazine and I now have 128 out of 140. I have been through all of them and filed the magazines and boxed up all the parts. I have pretty much two lever arch folders full and a packing box full of wood, plastic and metal parts.


I have also got a hold of a copy of Anatomy of the Ship for the Hood. And finally bought a cheap and cheerful 1:720 scale plastic Hood model. I have put it together to give me a nice little reference point, even if it isn't highly accurate.







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I hope everything goes well with your move.


I'm looking forward to seeing this build - although my parents were not particularly interested in navel history (they were both in the RAF during WWII), this ship had a place in their hearts and some of that rubbed off on me.


All the best,


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Hi all,


It's been a while but we are now largely moved into our new house. No major problems apart from the usual hiccups with a house move and now an extensive list of redecoration wishes....


The workshop will take a while to get into any useable form, if only because I need to go through planning permission rigmarole before I make any changes. Technically, it is a car port at the moment as it is open to the elements on two sides. To enclose fully as a 'garage' requires PP from local council.


In the meantime, the kitchen diner table has been commandeered and will do nicely for now. 





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Well, onto the actual build itself then.


I have now acquired 134 out of the 140 published issues, so I am almost there. I am keeping a very close eye on eBay and on a site called CashForPartworks for the missing issues.


Now I have a table to work on I have made a start. I've bought a 180cm length of wood to act as a build board for the time being. The advantage in collecting all the issues after the finish of the partworks run is that I can dry assemble a large section of the parts to check fit.


Here I have cut the bottom of the keel from the plywood sprues and dry fitted to start getting an idea of size. At this point I am very impressed with the quality of the laser cut pieces. It's going to be a big boat.......



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Next part of the build involves assembling and gluing the various frames together. The build has the option of having a removable deck if you want to build as a remote control model. I am not going down the RC option but I will leave the deck pieces removable for the moment to allow flexibility.


To allow for a removable deck, wood blocks are glued to the frame and a deck support then sits in the subsequent cradle that is produced and can be removed as required.





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I've completed a few of the frames now and started doing a dry fit along with a few side brace pieces. Fits together very well. I'll probably complete most of the frames and dry fit the majority of the skeleton of the hull before committing to gluing it together, but so far so good.



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Hi Jim,


Looking forward to following this build.  You are off to great start.  I hope to eventually do a paper version of the Hood by Halinski at some stage.


Incidentally the Hood was 262 metres overall length which makes it a gnat's over 1.3m at 1:200.




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