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Ahoy Mate


Check out Red Box figure sets. Hobbyterra.com has them and also Hobbylink has some of their sets. I just ordered 1/72 sets of English Sailors 16th-17th Century.


Check them out. I have ordered from Hobbyterra for over 5 years now. They are in the Ukraine. They always have great service,and send emails when they ship your order. Hobbylink in eastern USA is also a great place to purchase from.


I will send you a message when I get my orders and let you know what the figures are like. I will be using them on my Mary Rose build in progress now.



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Anatomically, the HO-scale (1:87) Preiser (http://www.preiserfiguren.de) figures are still the best on the market. However, they are meant for model railways and in consequence focus on the 20th century, but with a bit of carving and putty they can be dressed up really in any way you like. They come in packs with large numbers of unpainted figures.


There is also a small range of HO-scale 17th century naval figures by Artitec (http://www.artitec.nl/index.php/en/kits/item/60006?category_id=121) in cast resin. I have never seen them in 'real life', so I cannot comment on their quality. Their animation seem to be good, but their detail treatment is not as fine as the Preiser miniature sculptures. They are meant to go with Artitec's models of 17th century ships, which in turn are a spin-off from their commercial model building business for museums etc. (see e.g. http://www.maritima-et-mechanika.org/maritime/texel/texel.html).


You don't give in your profile the country you are residing in, so I cannot make recommendations, where to get any of the above. You will have to check on the Internet.


BTW, the scale 1:89 is rather unsual ...

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