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Hello all,


I am part way through my first ship build, an Amati Bounty in 1:60.  I realise that some of the parts aren't as "authentic" as I would prefer.  The gun carriages are cast in a "bronzed" white metal - I'm capable of making more authentic wooden ones and that is a plan already being progressed.

The kit though, comes with only one boat, whereas Bounty carried two. Again, the supplied boat comes in a cast white metal form (albeit with wood thwarts etc.)  It isn't actually one of the boats carried by Bounty but it is approximately the correct scale length for the Bounty's 20' cutter and I think I can "adapt" the bottom planking & aft seating to better represent the cutter.  Looks like I may have to scratch build its mast, spars and oars though, as the supplied boat doesn't come with these.


So I need (want) to find (if there is one) a kit of the ship's 23' Launch.  Does anyone know if there is one out there?  


Thanks in advance.

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Scratch building the boats is actually a fun mini project for many of us.   There are plans available for a lot of ship's boats at the NMM collections site.  You can probably use some of  those as guides for making accurate representations of the Bounty's boats.   Details on "how to" make these can be found on this site and several books using the plug/frame/planking method.   It has worked well for me for many, many years.



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When you start shopping for boats, keep in mind that there isn't much difference between a 23 foot cutter and a 30 ft. cutter as far as design.  If some company's 30 ft. cutter in a different scale comes out to 23 ft. in your scale, that could be the one for you.  Figure out what yours need to be in inches or mm so you can compare the offerings available.

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