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Mast Hoops. Simple technique for making.


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I have discovered what seems to me to be a simple technique for making mast hoops. I say discovered because I have not seen mast hoops made this way, and when I had to make some, I used the materials at hand. I cane a chair now and then and have an ample supply of cane strands hanging among the rafters of my workshop (pic1264).  The material is a natural woody plant of the Rattan family. It's strength is along it's length which makes it very durable. It's woody characteristics make it great for holding stain, paint and glue. it is processed in different widths which makes it useful in many different scales. There is an inner surface and an outer surface. the outer surface is shiny and should be scuffed for good stain, paint and glue adhesion. If you have a friend that does caning or a local furniture repair/upholsterer shop nearby, it is a great place to grab a couple of five foot strands. They will last a lifetime of model making. I have not experimented posting photos on the new MSW yet, so not quite sure how this will come out.


Step 1: Soak a length of cane (depends upon diameter and quantity of hoops needed) in warm water to soften.


Step 2: Wrap cane around a dowel of appropriate diameter and clamp until dry. This will set a nice curl in the cane. Pics, 1256 and 1257.


Step 3: Wrap length of cane around finished mast hoop diameter so that it overlaps perhaps 1/4 to 1/3 of diameter. Glue and clamp until it sets. Pics, 1258 and 1259.


Step 4: After glue has dried. Sand/file to taper ends of cane.


Finished product comes out pretty realistic, using minimal material and effort. Hope this is of use.











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That is a good technique. It is much the same way I have made hoops in the past, except I used hardwood shavings, resulting from planing the edge of a board. I used maple and had good success with it.



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The mast rings look great! I have never used cane but similarly I have used thinly cut hard wood and diagonally  wrapped and glued two layers then when dry cut of the required thickness required for the mast ring.  I did wrap the dowel with wax paper before wrapping the soaked wood on the dowel.



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