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Small Sailboat by Keith Simmons - SMALL - Finished

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 While waiting for the Weelig Straal masts to dry I decided I should start a 12"L x 3"W sailboat I need for another model I'm working on. This time I will try a solid hull since the size has to be specific and hopefully I can control it better. Just grabbed some scrap ply and wood to glue up and start making a dust cloud...:)





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    I probably shouldn't have kept a build log on this boat till I knew what it would look like. Anyway, I jigged it up in my drill press and hogged out the stern section and cleaned it up with a chisel, Then I ran it through the table saw cutting the keel base down to accept the final keel extension. The planking is quartersawn African Mahogany and the cabin is cherry. The whole boat is finished in 3 coats of Lacquer.  I believe I will refrain from build logs till and when I have something significant to share. 


 Thanks for the views and comments,





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Hi Keith


I'm with Mark, because, as my late Father always said, "we never stop learning until the day we die". In your case, even the most knowledgeable and skilled builder can never know everything. That's what makes MSW so great...namely the fact that we all learn from everyone.


Besides, it looks like you're having way too much fun with your models. You need to share that fun with us!


Cheers and bring on the build logs!



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