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Bluenose by darr - Model Shipways - 1:48

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Hi all ,

So as I have a few days away from the office I decided to make a start on my Bluenose from model shipways .

I'm not going to put up more pics of the actual kit as I found lots on here already .

This is my first kit and I thought about buying the practicum from llc and still might if I get in to too much trouble .


So to say it's a little daunting is an understatement ... I have built model aircraft a few years ago but my day job is on computer code and I'm not exactly a renowned handy man ... My wife is still waiting on some shelves to be put up a few years later :) ..


Anyway I have unpacked and checked everything and all seems correct , I have studied some of ship modelling simplified and want to make a start on the keel so that it would be set for the weekend but already have a few questions ..



So 1st off my work bench is actually my wife's craft table so if you spot a lot of weird stuff on it , that's her's




So I cut out the 3 keel sections


And as you can see from photo 2 the stern keel is about 1 mm out of line from the center at the bottom it's fine at the top the bow end is fine





Stern & center lower join


Close up



I also had a question around if I should mark the reference line before gluing and any advice on doing this correctly ?



Should I sand the laser burn marks off ?

Sorry for what I am sure are basic questions !!!!

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Found the issue after another look seems that one of the joins the laser cut at an angle which was throwing it off .. Now to press on with getting this done .. Hopefully next update will be some slight progress as opposed to questions :) .. Thanks for the assist

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Little slow due over the last couple of week on some PTO and trying to deal with sick kids ( how much mucus can they produce and can I use it as glue)!!!! .. 

So at the weekend I popped all the bulkheads out and hand fitted and broke off the stern :) which I hope I have fixed now ..

I then proceeded to cut the rabbet and fairly sure this is right .. BUT I have an issue that Iam simply not getting and that is the fairing and beveling of the bulkheads .. I have looked online tried to find some guides and youtube .. but I dont get it ! how am I meant to know what angle and how much ..


I need pictures or better still a good video if anyone knows of one on youtube ...  

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