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Swift 1805 by stripehunter - FINISHED - Artesania Latina - 1:50 - first build

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Thanks all.  I think my admiral is more excited than I about finally nearing completion.  Been almost a year I've tinkered with this off and on now.  Tonight I got all my cargo done and installed.   I made a couple of wooden boxes to add to the mix. 





I also finally got around to working on the chain plates.  One side done.


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Rigging continues.  Finally got the rest of my deadeyes rigged.  I think i used a different technique on each one.  I finally got the seizing knots how I wanted by the time I got to the last one.  I also got the boom strung up.  Rigging figure 8s around the belaying pins was a bit of an adventure but worked out in the end.  


Next will be the two smaller booms but im not sure how that will go without weight to hold against the lines.













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Thanks.  I still have not yet made up my mind on sails.  In general, I'm not a fan of sails on model ships (IMO it's hard to make them look genuine, and they hide lots of details), but I think this one may suit my eccentric tastes better with them.  Perhaps I may see how she looks when done, I can always go back and add them later. 


I have a couple of kits on the shelf; my next one will either be a sergal president (ship rigged sloop of war) or a corel victory cross section.  The president isn't the best looking ship in the world ( a total fantasy with some design issues), but I bought it as I found one dirt cheap, and thought it a perfect step up in complexity compared to the swift.  Similar size, but more complex square rig and some carronades to port and rig.  On the other hand I like the cross section a lot too, and it looks like I should be able to knock it out much quicker than another full ship.  Both will be done before I move into the AL Constellation I also have on the shelf.  At the pace I work I have enough to keep me busy for a couple years I think.  Although, I am getting much faster at things as I do them more.

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Right. There's pro's and cons. I think I will put them on. Also for the extra rigging. I looked up the President. Looks like a frigate to me. It doesn't have a high difficulty rating and is quite cheap (€92), but the rigging looks complex to me. Especially compared to the Swift. But it looks really nice. I wonder what quality the instructions/manual are, extensive and highly detailed (step by step) or sparse (figure it out yourself-style)? I hope you will start log here so I can enjoy you building her. My next model will be the lady Nelson and I also have the frigate Hermione ( I have visited the real one in France) waiting for me. But by then I hope to be more experienced.

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I got my anchors done. Still need to blacken the rings. I wanted real wood stocks which were easy enough to make. For the bands i used electrical tape for one then went out and bought some car pin stripe for the other. The pin stripe was a hundred times easier to work with. One of the better tips i picked up here.

I decided to sew up and rig one sail then decide if i want to continue with the rest or remove it based on how it comes out.


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I stained the sails to age them a bit by soaking them in Tea.  I read that somewhere, and like the outcome. my tet sail is centered unstained for comparison.




First sail rigged up:



With the jib added:





If all goes well I may have this completed within the next week.

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