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Section Deck Between Gun Bays By Cobr@ - FINISHED - Panart - 1:23 - Also known as Posto Di Combattimento

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This will be my build log for the 1/23 scale Panart Kit, Section Deck Between Gun Bays also know as Posto Di Combattimento.

This is a secondary kit i am building which will be done when waiting for things like glue to dry or things to be sanded (I hate sanding :) ) on my other kit H.M.A.V. Bounty. So it will take longer than usual to complete.

Checked all the parts out and it all seems to be there but not sure if the Cannon trunions are missing or if they are made of dowel as the parts list doesn't say, either way it's a simple job to sort.




The wood looks to be good quality but some of the metalwork looks a bit iffy


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I have been interested in building either this kit or one similar. I have seen lots of finished ones but I have not seen one being built. I look forward to seeing yours come together. I like the idea of working on this to take a break from your bigger build. Sometimes a break from lots of small tedious pieces is a good thing.

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        Yes a break every now and then for me is compulsory because if i'm fed up or doing repetitive jobs then i tend to not take as much care as normal and that is a bad thing

There is also another good build of this kit going on here if you want to follow 2 :)


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Compared to my Bounty the ply on this kit is luxury ;)



First pieces to make the main 3 frames cut out



I like the fact that the top beams have had the holes for the eye pins already cut out, although they will still need a drill running through to clean them up. Also there are a few burn marks from the laser cutting to clean up as well




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Assembled the main framework, to keep it square i clamped engineer squares to the upright parts. The bottom cross beams will be removed one at a time and glued into place. Once all three have been glued i will remove the top three beams to allow me access to drill and pin the bottom three where the beams and frames meet, while they dry the top cross beans will be replaced to help keep it all square. when the bottom beams are all dry i can then repeat the process on the top beams




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Finished the assembly of the main Frame, it went together very easily.

Drilled and pinned all the joints with 2mm dowel and even though it has not dried and cured yet i am quite surprised how sturdy and rigid it is already


Sitting patiently on my desk with all joints drying before i trim away the excess dowels :)




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My friend Floyd, who is currently taking a break from MSW and modelling built that kit.

As I never saw the build itself I am trying to find a chair.

Oh no, no chair but I found a couch, now all I need is coffee and a danish and wait for the next part of your build.

Looking good!

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Hi all

            First welcome to all and thanks to everyone for all the likes and comments :)


While waiting for planks to dry on my Bounty i started the deck planking on this build




The instructions supplied some 0.5mm x 2mm walnut to do the caulking in between the planks. i decided not to use this as it was a bit on the brittle side and more of it was ending up stuck in my fingers instead of on the kit :o


To simulate caulking along the length of the plank i used some 0.25mm thick black styrene sheet i have, i glued a strip along the length of the plank and once dry i trimmed it to fit



For the butt joints i went with the instructions which meant cutting a slot across the plank without going all the way through,  The reason for this is that except for the 3 frames there is no support beneath the planks to use a proper joint. Then i simulated tree nails either side if the slot.


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Extended the planking to about halfway now, but not happy with the kit design of not having any support underneath the planking. This meant there was a danger of cracking the planks when it came to sanding them.

Picture is planking seen from underneath



Got out my supply of 3mm birch plywood and roughly cut out two pieces to act as false decking



Once cleaned up they were glued to the underside of the planks to strengthen them



I then took some off cuts of 1mm x 4m lime i had already cut up for stirring paint and other such jobs



Glued 4 strips together to make a 4mm x 4mm beam, made 6 beams altogether



The beams were then glued to the main frames and cross beams and also to the bottom of the false decking i had made. Planking is now a lot more stable and will enable me to sand them without worrying about cracking them. The same will be done to the rear half where needed


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