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HMS Endeavour Longboat by Trim - Artesania Latina - 1:50 Scale

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G'day everyone,

                           I have started my first wooden boat build, and I am absolutely loving it. But... I am lost on a lot of the directions supplied in the manual. So if I could ask the more experienced model builders for help , that would be great. I think I have glued the stern bulkhead incorrectly? Also, when first planking should, the plank sit flush with the keel? And also is this alignment correct on the first plank? I have a million questions but, I will leave it for now :)






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Usually you place the first plank half it's width below the deck. Remember to make sure that the bulkheads are square, if you haven't done so already. Good luck :)!



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Hi Trim

i am new myself to this hobby and I don't know the kit you have, But

to me it looks like your bow is not correctly done.


First thing, you need to do is block your bow and stern with balsa and

after that "fair" your boat, before you start planking.


There are tutorials on this site that will show how to do the

blocking and fairing.


Take some time and have a look through the

planking and framing articles on this page.




You need to get these things right or you won't be happy

with how your boats looks.


And i think there are other build logs on your boat in the kit built section.


cheers Chris

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Thanks Dave. I chose this Longboat as a practice run before I tackle the Endeavour proper. I am really enjoying it, more so than I estimated. Although I would hate to have to build it without the help of the Internet or other modellers.

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Rightio, I have made some very slow progress. But I am very happy that I am learning alot. I have never worked with Balsa before, but what a magic wood it is !!! Natures Styrofoam. So far I have broken so many things.....I didn't know wooden models are so fragile. Anywho I will press on :D






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