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Hello to everybody

My name is Alejandro Yañez, from Spain; I registered in your forum several years ago, into  “reading only category”, as I´m a frustrated modeler (when children came, wife decided there was no room at home for all, and so my unfinished Artesania Latina´s “San Juan Nepomuceno” lies stored in a closet waiting for a better time,...)


While making the model I decided to improve my model, and began to investigate Spanish XVIII century shipbuilding. As model building had to stop, I continued with my studies about the real “San Juan Nepomuceno” and Spanish shipbuilding of her age.

The result of all this is a “booklet” about 300 págs. I decided to share my investigations with modelers community in Spain (Foro de Modelismo Naval), and now with you, as I think Spanish shipbuilding is little known outside Spain. You can download it from this link:




The work is divided in two parts, first one is “San Juan Nepomuceno” history, and the second covers the study of the ship. This one is supported with drawings and photos of models exposed in “Museo Naval de Madrid” (Spanish Navy Museum)  Most photos in my work are from an incredible detailed model there exposed, this is not the real “San Juan Nepomuceno”  but a contemporary model from the french shipbuilder François Gautier (designer and  builder of Nepomuceno), and  so, very useful to study Gautier building system in Spain (1765-1784), also known as “French fashion” in opposition to the previous one developed by Jorge Juan, known as “British fashion”.


There is one “big problem” ....is it´s written in Spanish!


Hope you like it




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Santa María, es maravilloso! Muchas gracias por publicar este fantástico libro. It is truly a fantastic work.


You inspire modelers here in the US, as well. I downloaded a copy and will have it printed and bound. It goes into the library next to Boudriot, Vial du Clairbois, and Romero Landa/Julian de Retamosa.


Thank you again for so graciously sharing your investigations with the community.



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Great job Peregrino!!

This little "Note Book" of yours is one of the best reads I´ve had in ages and the photo detail on it is astounding....it is as if one was standing there. I wish more works of this caliber will come forth. Thank you for your generosity. :)

For those of you interested there is also a free book on The Saling Spanish Frigates of the Spanish Navy 1650-1850. A Technical Evolution by Mr. García-Torralba.


You can download it here:


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Alejandro, is the “San Juan Nepomuceno” pamphlet a published book? Is it available to purchase in hard copy? I would buy one, even though I don't read Spanish. If not, I would urge you to do so. 


I have the NMM admiralty draughts of Lord Cochrane's beautiful HMS Imperieuse. She was formerly the captured Spanish Frigate Fama. (She has all her carvings in special, 1/24th scale drawings ! How rare is that for 1809?) I have always wondered how the Spanish shipwrights constructed their ships.


The Spanish shipwrights really liked flat floor timbers. Almost zero dead-rise!

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Thankyou friends for your interest.


Sorry Frolic , my study of San Juan Nepomuceno is only in pdf format, no book.

It is only an amateur  work. In the begining my interest was only to get info for detailing  Artesania Latina´s San Juan Nepomuceno kit.


I live in Madrid, so I can visit Spanish Naval Museum. There are not only model there, they also let free acces to the museum archives. Even is posible to  take freely photos of their books or manuscrips.  They also sell digital copys of shipplans kept there.


Spanish shipbuilding in XVIII century, after Gaztañeta died,  was heavily influenced by french, then by british, again by french, and latter developed into a own style represented by Romero Landa (Santa Ana, San Ildefonso, and others SOL). San Juan Nepomuceno was built in 1766 by french naval builder Gautier, who ruled shipbuilding from 1765 to 1783, if you study her lines and frames you will find  it similar to french warships of her age.


Fort the ones interested in spanish shipbuilding or naval history, here you have some usefull links. All of them written in spanish:


First of all, I suggest you to download the frigates book linked previously by Anaga. Is the best book ever written on that subjet.


Spanish Navy Museum in Madrid



Catalog of ship plans collection kept at Museo Naval de Madrid (is possible to order, at very low price, if you compare to NMM).



Spanish navy ship plans (this time modern ones, downloadables)



Miguel Godoy´s site. Godoy is chief modeller at Museo Naval de Madrid



Spanish Navy´s History and Naval Culture Institute. Lot of interesting info here.



History magazine published by Spanish Navy´s History and Naval Culture Institute. You can download them



Monographic Issues of the same magazine. Also downloadable



Impressive photo gallery about real size reconstruction of XVI Century whaleship “San Juan”



Artiñano “clasic” book about Spanish wooden naval shipbuilding



Several downloadable books about spanish sailing ships. The ones about Galleons are a must have.



Antonio Gaztañeta´s notebook written during the building of Galeon “Nuestra Señora de la Concepción y de las Animas”.



Interesting text about Spanish XVIII century shipbuilding



Encyclopedia of spanish shipbuilding of first half of XVIII century. A must have





Interesting downloadable book about history and building of spanish SOL at Trafalgar. It includes several plans



Gautier´s wood regulations for building 70 guns ships



Romero Landa´s wood regulation for building ships, from frigates to 100 gun ships



Beautiful color plate of spanish SOL San Ildefonso, buit by Romero Landa



Downloadable book about spanish shipbuilder Romero Landa and his designs. A must have.



Downloadable book SOL Santísima Trinidad


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yes there is a lot of similarities betwen french and spanish ship  on 18th  century!

by the way on my french forum ,a modellers is building the "nepo" system gautier  with the work of alejandro ,a beauty:


Agrandir cette imageRéduire cette image Cliquez ici pour la voir à sa taille originale.

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Just discovered today and what can I say? What a fathers day present!


Most wonderful work and the reason finally to start learning Spanish :-)


All the details I am searching in english ships, axinometer, toilet facilities in the heads and quarter galleries, pantry, simply all a model makers heart desires to compare with the already found evidence in the other navies.


Thank you for all that work, Daniel

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Estimado Alejando 

Te felicito por lo que has publicado . Te entiendo, ya que mi San Juan Nepomuceno ha estado guardado lleno de polvo en 

una bodega por 9 años esperando que los niños crecieran al igual que el lugar para re iniciar la construccion.  Ya que he reiniciado mi trabajo encontré tu post . Lamentablemente me arroja error la pagina del dropbox. Alguna otra forma de bajarla o comprarla?


Guillermo Rencoret 


Translated this:  Dear Alejandro, I am happy with what you have published. I understand you, since my San Juan Nepomuceno has been stored full of dust in a warehouse for 9 years waiting for the children to grow as well as the place to start the construction. Since I have restarted my work I found your post. Unfortunately the dropbox page throws me wrong. Any other way to download it or buy it? Greetings Guillermo Rencoret

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Este es un sitio en inglés. Por favor, use un traductor si lo necesita, pero publíquelo en inglés. Gracias.


This is an English language site.  Please, use a translator if you need to, but post in English.  Thank You.

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Hi Guillermo and others

Some time ago Drop box changed "something" in its configuration and so original links does not work.

Here you have a new link to an updated version of my work:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/zgqth0227i2ew76/Navío San Juan Nepomuceno.pdf?dl=0


Added some stuff relative to anchor, boats, lanterns, etc. New text is written in blue.

Currently I´m working in a rigging plan of the ship, but this Will take me a lot of time....


Hope you like it.


Alejandro Y.

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