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VASA by URO - FINISHED - Billing Boats - 1:75

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Fellow Shipbuilders: The following is my Build Log for the Vasa. This was my first experience with a  wood kit  model and as I built the Vasa I referred to a few of your Vasa ship build logs which greatly helped me. I particularly used the site by Vasa by Karleop , Ulyses Victoria, and Markitiedens. Since Karleop was a Billings build it was extremely helpful. I'm very appreciative of these sites and those who took the time to do them. Since the Billings instructions are so poor these sites were a great resource. I also used the Vasa museum site with photos of their model as a paint reference. I had the privilege of visiting Stockholm a few years ago and marvelled at seeing the Vasa in person.

     My experience as a ship model builder is fairly limited. When I was a youngster I built a number of plastic ship models and as an eighth grader I built a wood model of the French galley La Reale from a picture in a book, which I still have in a glass case. I am now 60 and will be getting back into this wonderful hobby and this is my first experience since my younger years. It has been very interesting learning from your sites and doing research on the internet to finish this ship.  I am a surgeon which might have helped with some of the fine work, but not much . Even so, it took me two years to build Vasa because of my limited time. I modified the model by using the ships original color of red instead of the Billings blue, adding the long boat, and by adding  crew figures that I bought from an internet site. I hope you enjoy my endeavor. I know I did. 



















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