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Sails size ? Need advice for more realistic sails

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hello to everyone. i am thinking to give a try to make more realistic sails for my San Ildefonso  :)


i have the sails plans from the kit and scanned images from  the book ''The Seventy-Four Gun Ship by Jean Boudriot Vol.3''


fortunately i know how to use photoshop, so i tried to resize the images from the book to my kit plans but i see a lot of differences to the proportions of the sails.


when the bottom of the sail is 37.5cm the top is a lot shorter (no1 & no2)....so i tried to distort the sail from the book to meet the proportions of the kit sail.....


i really dont know how to continue, if a leave the correct proportions do i have to make shorter yards ?

should i continue with distorted sail ??

sorry for my English, i dont know if you can understand me well...


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It appears that the sail from the kit and the sail from the book are from two different ships.  You have to decide which is more correct.


Since the proportions of the sail are determined by the length of the yards, and you already have the kit yards, I would just go with your existing yards and make your sails accordingly.   Unless, of course, you decide that the yard lengths depicted in the book are the correct ones.





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When I make sails, I use D. Steel's book ;) and make a simple ratio and Proportion between the engravings and the length of the spars of the model and  measure the angles of the engravings with as protractor and draft each sail on silkspan and add a hem to each outside edge.  :D There are more details on a PDF I will send if you PM me.

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