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Scale sizes

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I'm having a fit trying to understand why the scale of 2 BATTLESHIPS have the same scale BUT are totally different in sizes. The BISMARCK 1:350 is roughly 28" by TAMIYA, Chinese 539 AnQing Frigate 13" and Chinese 105 JiNan Destroyer 16" both are by TRUMPETER.

Why are they so different in size???

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The Bismarck was 823' long. According to Wikipedia, the AnQing was 112meters or 367 feet. 1:350 means 1" is equal to 350" on the ship. If you divide 350 by 12, you get how many feet per inch the model represents. This means that 1" in the model is equal to 29.2' on the ship.


So the Bismarck at 823' would equal a model of 28.18". The AnQing at 367' would be 12.56"

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Its not the size of the ship, but the bore of the cannon!


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