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Hannah by Cap'n Rat Fink - FINISHED - 1/4" scale - semi scratch - George Washington's Colonial Schooner by Mario - Finished 2/24/2021

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A question was ask by another builder. I thought I would clear things up...


Why the frames were oversized.

The taps at the bottom of the frame.

With the tap in mind. Would it not be better to glue the 1st layer over the 2nd layer.


On the picture you will see these little taps/notches at the bottom of the frame. Highlighted by the red circle. Well per Bob Hunt's practicum, He configured these taps as he calls them with his laser program. The taps are there to strengthen that area of the frame, during construction of the hull. Once the hull is completed, I remove it from the build board. During the final fairing process I just remove those taps. Hopefully showing the frame sitting in the rabbet nicely...


My apologies for not clarifying this in my build log...














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Coming aboard for the rest of the voyage.  I completed Bob's AVS POF kit this past summer.  It also had the same method of using the strengthening taps at the bottoms of the frames.  It works flawlessly as you will see later.... Thanks for doing this log!!!

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I will follow this with great interest



looking good Mario   ;)



Coming aboard for the rest of the voyage.  I completed Bob's AVS POF kit this past summer.  It also had the same method of using the strengthening taps at the bottoms of the frames.  It works flawlessly as you will see later.... Thanks for doing this log!!!



The frame looks good Mario!


Thank you all guys for stopping by and the kind remarks and likes.



Well I am done with Frame 1. So now that I have gone thru the procedure of building the frames. It's time to get into it and get thru this portion of the build. Then I can start getting things put together on the build board...















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Hi Carl,

   Wish me luck. Like I said...Me no like puzzle and I sure don't want to get them pieces all mixed up. :angry: So I am pulling the frames off the billets one at a time. ;)


Hi Denis,

   I have been watching your build logs. Man you have not changed one damn bit. Still pumping out the models.  I have too many interests going so I do the best I can. Thanks for stopping by brother man. :cheers:


Thank you all for the likes....

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the trick is though..........to get one finished  :D  :D  :D    there's no time limit.........go at your own speed.   you done some really sweet looking gems in the past.......I see no reason why this one will be any less  ;)    I look forward in seeing more progress on her.

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Thanks Denis,

     An update to let you all know I am still with it and plugging along. Yes I am in no hurry. At first I decided to start with the mid ship frames. The easier ones which Mr. Hunt points out. Well I did. But in his practicum he has the frames numbered 1 to 36. I did 1,2 n 3. Then I said what the hell I have to do them. Weather now or later. I have changed course and have started with the bow cant frames. I will w/w them until I am done. I have never done cant frames before. Especially cant's that are made from 4 pieces to create 1 cant. Usually it's one piece of material and then you shape it.

   Once I complete them I will install the last 3 frames before the 1st cant at the bow. Once done I will use my scraper to do the inside fairing. I just figured it would be easier to get to the tight areas of the bow out of the way. Then I will do the same at the stern. Then finish off the midship frames. So hopefully I will have updated pictures in about a week.  

  Well that's my plan anyway....AND I AM STICKING TO IT!!! :o:D:P

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Thanks for all the likes and remarks guys...



Well made some progress tonight. The frames at the bow are loosely placed(I know things are looking a little rough). Nothing is glued up as of yet. But I had to show you where I was at. Since I have never made cant frames before. I hope I am doing them right. If you see something wrong please let me know. Once they are tree nailed and I make sure they are sitting proper I will glue them into and take some new pictures. THANKS FOR LOOKING IN....










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it looks pretty good so far.........once you fare the hull frame,  it will look better.   I'd have a little trouble with that beveling your doing ahead of time.   I did something like that on the bulkheads of one of my builds.....figured I'd get a head start.  boy, was I off on some of them......there was no 'full bulkhead' contact on a couple of them.   from the looks of the ones you have done already........it's working out well  ;)   


Keep going my friend!  :)

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Hi Mario and David!


Mario:  I'm building the Lauck Street AVS right now.  It uses the exact same construction technique for the frames as your Hannah.  The bow and stern cant frames are by far the most difficult frames to fit.  Go slow and make small changes.  Mike Shanks and I have logs that document the AVS build.


David:  I have the Lauck Street practicum for Hannah.  Another modeler and I were planning to build one in 1/24 scale!  He passed away before we got to that point.  Bob Hunt's plans for Hannah have been redone in CAD and are the basis for this framing kit.  He may make those plans available to me as a .pdf, allowing me to increase them to 1/24 scale.  Lots of great detailing possible in that scale.  Food for thought?

Edited by DocBlake
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   Thanks. Mr Hunt says his frame drawings are about right on. Which I believe is true. But with first time doing this. I'm not cutting my throat. I left more material on the frames to cover my butt. Sure enough Mr. Hunt caught a mistake I was making. So I should recover because I left more material then I should of. He's watching me like a hawk....which is a good thing.




   You got it nice and slow. I posted these pics and things look rough. But once I get the tree nails, fore and aft finish sanding on the face of the frames, and glue them up it should look a lot better. I will retake pics of the views I posted so you can see the difference.



   Thanks for the kind remarks. I plan on buying the Hahn plans. I plan on taking it all the way to rigging her out.



   I have been watching your progress on the AVS. Very very nice. And your other builds are very nice too. Your a good modeler.



Thank you all for the replies and likes....

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Carl, Elijah,

   Thank you very much for your kind words. Thank you all for the likes too...!



Well it's been a while. But with my busy days, I finally had some time after work today. The kids and my wife hung out at school today for an art fair. So I was by myself. Plus I had no errands to run after work....












Well guys please let me know if you see any mistakes. Remember this is the first time I have ever modeled Cant Frames...





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