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Deben 5-tonner by vaddoc - FINISHED - Scale 1:10 - a Whisstock yard design

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English Rebel, thank you!

Bedford, I may take on your offer, especially if I actually build the yawl which will be equally large! I ll take a few pictures with the highfield levers in operation, a bit of measuring is needed but indeed they provide significant leverage and the backstay gets very slack, enough to accommodate the movement of the boom.

Michael, size is relative and this island of ours is tiny. Ah, the vastness of the Americas! I think it will be a long time before I cross the Atlantic again. 



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Dear all


The boat is finished!

Everything is in place, the rigging done, the ropes neatly (pretty much) coiled. I put as much tension on the standing rigging as I dared but I suspect it could take a lot more-no need to push things though. I ve used rope made from the mara thread for the standing rigging which I hope will not stretch as cotton rope would-we will see.


I also made a few fairleads for when the boat needs to dock. I need now to make some kind of base holder but I am unsure how to do it, I would like to make something very simple. 


Some photos and a short video showing the function of the highfield levers.















I started work on the base, I made a simple very flimsy jig to obtain the shape of the hull. I ll check tomorrow if the shape is correct but it will certainly be a good starting point. 




I will post the final photos after the holding base is made. At that time I will lower the sails as the boat will be displayed (kind of) with furled sails. This will actually be a lot of work!

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Congratulations Vaddoc, you have done a wonderful job on this yacht! making all the rigging working as you have done is not for the feint of heart, it increases the amount of detailing and work that a static model does not have to contend with.


A clever way of measuring the profile with the tooth pics as well.



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Dear all


Thank you so much for your comments and for sharing this journey with me. The first dot of digital ink was made in Jan 2016 so almost 5 years ago.


I thought the project was done but thee was a last chapter to be written. It was a calm day with almost no wind and I decided to take teh boat out and take advantage of the sunlight to take some photos. All was going well but suddenly there was a strong gust of wind. The boat tipped over and I only just manage to grab it. It held up remarkably well but suffered some damage, a bent rail and a couple of bits of rigging destroyed.




These bits were rather complex to make so it took two days to repair the damage. Then I furled the sails and took the final photos. These will be in the gallery shortly.

It was great fun building this boat, I think I should contact Mr Whisstock, I wonder if I could be assigned a hull number...😉


Best wishes to all







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Thank you very much all for your kind words! 


I contacted George Whisstock and indeed he was very happy with the boat and may actually use some of the photos in his blog. 


I hope that you will join me for the new journey building the yawl. It may be just a "simple" boat (as the admiral said frowning), but I would like a project a bit shorter in duration and would like to make it as best as I can. I suspect it will turn out to be not that simple actually but more on the Yawl log.




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I just browsed through your build log and all I can say is, "WOW, what a exceptionally beautiful boat you have crafted!" I think your boat is as beautiful as any I have seen here on MSW and the attention to detail is phenomenal. She's a museum quality model. Congratulations on your master craftsmanship!

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Hi Vaddoc.


Well...we have a saying here in Australia - “frigging hell”.  That, my friend, is an apt description of my reaction as I looked through your photos of the completed model.  What an achievement; something that you should be justifiably proud of; especially as you’ve managed to make the rigging work.


A triumph of craftsmanship!





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