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Garboard plank on Occre model

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Just coming to the final planking of the San Martin (first layer). Advice much welcomed. I've planked the upper hull, which I'am happy with but I want to plank the lower hull realistically to practice for the second layer. From my understanding the garboard plank will need to bend through 90 degrees from lying on the bulkheads to resting against the false keel. The timber supplied is 2x 5mm and appears too thick to bend after a day's soaking. The Occre instructions skim over the planking and all the first planking is of the same size and the instructions would not result in a realistically planked hull with tapered planks. Not sure how to approach this. You can see my build log on the forum. The ships going to be a bit of a bruiser.



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You'll probably need more than soaking...  you'll need heat also.   There's a lot of different ways to do it.  I soak for about 30 minutes and that use an old curling iron set a max temperature.  Others use a bender that heated like a soldering iron.   It will probably take a couple of times to finally attain the twist that you need so be patient.   When you heat it, put in the twist and hold it until it cools.  Repeat as needed.  


I hope this helps.   There's other ways of doing it but the soak and curling iron work for me.  Once others have offered advice, try one or many until you find the one that works for you.

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For what its worth I have had good luck using different sized cans clamped to the desk. with a candle or sterno inside gets super hot.


after soaking twist the plank to the rotation of the can.  You may have to play with it to get the right twist. 


It works quick. caveat will also cause burns if not careful :o

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