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HMS Endeavour's longboat by Levie - Artesania Latina - scale 1:50

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Hello guys,


As a newbie I started my first project in wooden model ship building with a starters model from Artesania Latina.

It comes with a handy step by step instructions manual and because of this I can learn how to build the basics.

I always wanted to be able to do this because I love wooden boats/ships and thanks to this starters model kit I can get an idea of how to build one and loving it all the way!



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I just didn't like the light carton color look of the base plate which came with the kit so I bought some garden house walnut color oil and gave the base plate a fine sand with grit 500 and 2 coats of the walnut oil and fixed the name plate with superglue

Now looking alot better and because of this the color of the hull will match the base plate and the base plate will not stand out as much as it would giving the longboat more attention.



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She is a lovely little boat to build, it was the first one I done as the wife got me it for Christmas. If it helps, don't fit any masts until you have done everything to the deck as such, like the little eyelet that sits mid way where the sail rigging connects downwards, also, do not glue the oars to the seats as there are several small rigging eyelets that connect in the inner wall for rigging use, basically fit all the eyelets first, I had some choice swear words when I could not fit them and had to remove a couple of things.


Also, dipping the sails in black tea for 20 minutes gave them a really nice used look.


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