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Stem Bolting Arrangement

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Reading through the excellent Swan books I noticed that 5 bolts are indicated for the joint in the stem with a specific pattern. Looking at my copy of Steel he states 6 for all classes for the stem so I was wondering whether this was Swan specific (or an earlier standard than the practices described in Steel) or is Steel incorrect.


I will probably stick with the six on my model but was essentially curious as the reason for the difference.


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I believe that six (or more) bolts were used for larger classes of vessel. The Shipbuilders' Repository (1788) definitely specifies 5 bolts for keel scarphs and, presumably, the boxing joint.

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Further to Druxey's post, the Swan Class ships in David Antscherl's series date 1767 to 1780, closer to the 1788 Shipbuilder's Repository than the 1805 Steel Elements and Practice of Naval Architecture.   There are many differences in the two sets of scantlings including the size and number of bolts in various locations on the various size vessels.



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