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Another thing I will change and hopefully I will be able to this with a simple drill-lathe.

The included wheel needs to much of work to make it look like one.


Look at the included wheel and what I like to strive for.



And the real thing.



Then the current state of my simulated frames. Even though they will be covered up by the grating.


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Since I am not happy with the grating provided in the kit, I wondered what to do.

Today I spent half an hour at my local "second hand shop", and found a sheet of veneer, to my surprise mahogany.

It was thin to, so 50 cents later I had it in my hand and this came useful today.

It's perfect for the grating and making strips out of.

Sadly I don't have any mini table saw, so I used my Japanese fine saw and ripped the sheet.

One picture shows the strip in the boat


the other how it takes varnish.


Sanding varnish - sanding varnish and many more times will make the wood luster.


Edit: I am to experiment to make some plywood of this material and try making the steering wheel.

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7 hours ago, Niklas said:

Hi Per. Just catching up. This is an interesting build, I really like this kind of boat! But I would probably have given up after that earlier mistake...btw: How did you unglue the wood? 





Hej Niklas och välkommen ombord på Solö,

Hi Niklas and welcome on-board on Solö¨.


I used 90% Aceton (nail-polish remover) to un-glue the CA. That along with the 11 blade X-acto for cutting. It was a tedious job but well rewarded.


Ps. Växte upp i österskär, (Åkersberga) 

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9 hours ago, mikiek said:

Looks wonderful Per. Nothing like finished mahogany. You might try some stain sealer first if you have some.


I have stain sealer so that would help out, thank you for the recommendation.

At least this time I don't have to worry about any shiny finish on my model.....:)

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7 hours ago, KeithAug said:

It's all looking very neat and professional Per. I'm looking forward to the wheel.


I am light years behind in skills versus you and your Altair, but you are the one inspiring me to manufacture  a new steering wheel.

As I stated earlier, probably gonna take several trials.

Welcome onboard my journey with this Swedish boat.



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I recall you had started this one........just came in and noticed it in the right hand side of the forum page.   I see you've been working on her for a while now.....very nice progress ;)  with the earlier MSW {before the upgrade,  I would have seen your log in my watch list.......the upgrade has changed all that.   I still get to see all the wonderful build I was following.......and now I can certainly add yours to my list :)    I love these types of boats.

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