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Swedish Privater - Chapman's frigate by igorcap

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Hello everybody !


My favorite theme in modeling is Swedish shipbuilder F.Chapman and his ships. Previously, I have built a model of the Swedish privateer  on Chapman's  drawings from  album «Architectura navalis mercatoria» (can see in the Gallery http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/gallery/album/208-swedish-privateer/)


In 2011 I started to build another model of this album - a frigate (sheet XXXIII). This project was repeatedly interrupted, but I went back to building of model.


I will show  gradually all steps of building model.


Baseline - Chapman's drawing. Analysis design  of frigate has shown that this is an earlier and smaller version of the well-known series such as frigates Bellona (1782).


Swedish Maritime Museum have excellent model Bellona 1/16. Photos of this model give additional information about the hull detailing and rigging.





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A bit on the prototype and model.

In reality, such a ship was not built ever. This is one of concepts that developed F.Chapman on request the Swedish Government in 1765.  He was given task to create an inexpensive heavy frigate, which would battle with the ship line, if necessary.

Frigate had to meet the following specifications:


Length                                                            145' 6'' (imperial)
Breadth                                                            38'
Draught Aft                                                      17'
Height of middle gunport above the water       6' 4''
L/B ratio                                                           3.83
26*18-pounders, 12*6-pounders
At least a decade ahead of it?s time when Chapman made the plans for this ship (the first french and british 18-pounder frigates were launched in the late 1770s). The guns are mounted on sliding carriages to reduce the number of men needed to operate them. In future, based on this concept F.Chapman built a series of heavy frigates type Bellona
The model is built on the scale of 1/48 . Style of model should simulate naturally aged model of 18th century




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