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Hobbyzone building slip for wooden ship models

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Hello Dear Model Ship World Forum fellas,


I am new to this forum, joining from Helsinki (Finland) and this will be my first post.


In the past years I built Bluenose (Billing Boats), San Juan Nepomuceno (Artesania Latina), Titanic (Mantua), Endeavour (Caldercraft - This one I quit half way indeed, for varoius reasons ) and after a few years of idling around with other hobbies, recently I decided to start a new model, which will be Amati Riva Aquarama. There are some excellent build logs of this model especially in various forums focusing on Radio control models, inspiring me to take a new challenge including radio control, water proofing etc.


Anyway, I am hoping to post a build log of it here once I start doing it, but before that I wanted to build a great looking building slip for model ships by a Polish company called Hobbyzone (www.hobbyzone.pl). I saw this tool in one of those forums which I mentioned and thought I have to have one.


So this topic is a build log of this tool.





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Following the order of the instructions, it is relatively straightforward to assemble it. However perfectly aligning the parts has been sometimes challenging. In the various photos you'll see I have used other parts to support the assemblies while the glue is drying, in addition to the clamps. This is also suggested in the instructions. 













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There were also nails included in the package but I did not find a use for them. Maybe they are meant for enforcing some of the assemblies in addition to glue, but there is no mention of where to use them in the instructions.


EDIT: In the last photo of this post, note that the piece has been fixed with double screws per side. This is a temporary action I took just in order to maintain the right angles correctly until the glue has dried. While in use there will be oce screw per side (you can see from the final view photos)


Getting there:





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Finally ready. Technical specs (from the manufacturer's website):

Technical data:

- Base size: 100cm x 25cm

- Maximal length of keel: 100cm

- Maximal thickness of keel: 7mm

- Possibility of turning the kit in 360 degrees. Which allows of other work to be done like for example planking.

- Ruler with 1mm scale allows for ideal setting of elements.




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I like it also. If you go on the web site and view it, they show you every angle and what everything is for and what it does. You think about it, we build wooden ships, a good about of us do scratch building, which means you could make it yourself, with more functions built into it. Now I am not saying that it's not worth it to buy, but I think that making one like that yourself could be a pleasure to do. Just a thought and my 2 cents, before they do away or change the penny LOLL


PS. I like that you can turn the ship on it side, upside and in fact any angle you want. Nice real nice indeed.

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What about the shipping rate, did you see anything on that when you check?  That just pop up in my mind.


  • add the product(s) to your shopping cart
  • go to Check Out
  • Select country

and you will see the shipment options with prices. You do not have to register nor enter any details about you.


Cost me around 65 Polish Zloty (around 15 euros) to ship to Finland.

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Here's a link for the US importer: http://www.hobbyzone.biz/psm01.shtml


Price is $65 US with free shipping in the US. Canadians pay for shipping; contact the importer for costs. http://www.hobbyzone.biz/faqs.shtml


I am a happy customer of some of their shop organizers - tool holders, paint holders, etc. They make up in to study tools. :)

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And from the price that Mark seen on Amazon it is more than worth it.


No point in even going with Amazon unless it's just more convenient for you since Ken posted a link to the US distributor which ships for free in the U.S.




Edit:  Actually it's $100 on Amazon with free shipping, vs. $65 direct from the distributor with free shipping.  

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Just order it from there web site and use PayPal smart pay. Had no problems, don't know why it's not working for you. Cost me $75.95 total. When I went to the site the price was $75.95, so they must have gone up on it by $10.00, but it was free shipping.

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