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I'm working on a simple solid hull model, which requires some deck planking. The wood strips are rather rough on the edges. What is the preferred way to sand plank edges (these are thin, 0.5mm) - or is it worth doing?


Thanks, Rebecca


- New builder -

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Which end, Rebecca?  If it's the exposed, wider side, then after planking use a small homemade sanding block.  Or use scrapers.  If it's the narrow "edge" that butts the next plank, again a sanding stick (or emory board) and just take off the roughness.

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Rebecca,  to be sure that the edges are square, you might want to make a simple base and use the sanding 'block' or file as shown. The block has some sandpaper glued to one (or both) side(s).

This 'cutting base' helps me also to cut pieces to length. Notice I use a stop with a clamp if I have to cut more than one.




  tool%2027b.jpg   tool%2027c.jpg


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Cut a slot in a block of wood just to hold the strip steady and pull them through using mild pressure from an emery board or similar fine abrasion - for UK viewers the emery shown is from Boots - very useful place the nail care area !


Pull though - dont push or you will break the strips.


As you see you may need additional spacers on the face of the block to get the depth right.


This pic from my old "lost" log which went into more detail but I think shows the idea




Watch the direction of the grain- if it isnt very parallel then sand with the dip of the grain so as not to pick up splinters.

4 passes each side  seems to do the trick.



Quite useful also to bring the boards to same width if a bit of variation

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I've had bad luck with my "Edge Strip Cutter".  The blade is mounted too high to keep it from following the grain of the wood.


Good to know, I've been considering getting one, but if they don't perform well I'll keep using a strait edge and free hand knife.



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