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I bought this kit for the princely sum of £10 for my son to have a go at....needless to say he isn't interested...he is a freeclimber who hangs off cranes and buildings so building a model doesn't do it for him...the kit and plans have started to deteriorate so along with building Bellona I am going to start this one before it goes beyond building. I have no idea what sort of quality constructo is but here goes.





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Harlequin, I hope your son never wishes he had taken up modeling instead.  But you made a super buy there at only 10 pounds.  Just the materials alone are worth that much at least.  I would be tempted to get those plans exact photocopied, and store the old ones in case you need them.  It looks like the damage is minor at this point, and not much a straight edge or French curve couldn't fill in.



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We have such a strong craft beer industry here in Vancouver that I can't imagine paying more than 8$ CDN for something really nice (4 pounds) or a little more if I want to fill a 4-litre jug to bring home....25 pounds!! The scale of life there is beyond my provincial understanding! But enough with the interlude! Back to modelling!



PS - My sister used to fly microlites back home when she was younger. Drove my parents to distraction. My brother and I were comparatively tame....I didn't even get a driver's license until I was 35....

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I joke about the price in London.......send me your address and i'll post you a real English Ale....some of these breweries here have been producing beer for well over 200 years. Yes I miss flying the microlights....I was once at around only 500 ft when two RAF Tornado jets went underneath me, they didn't know I was there....that was cool.... :D

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Good luck with this. I have had the kit for an equal length of time and am pondering whether to re-start.

I do have the McKay and Coleman book on the Pandora, perhaps the main reason I plan to stick with it... it's always possible one of the illustrations will help if you hit any snags, msj me if so.

I don't remember the plastic section... were the earlier ones lead?

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Hola harlekin:


You really got a bargain buying this model for 10.00 pounds!!!


Actually this was my first wood model and as far as I know Constructo discontinued doing this ship around five years ago. It was a big challenge to me but I learned a lot about modeling and constructing my own tools that help me a lot since now.


If you need some advice probably I can help you.  By the way, you can see some pictures of my Pandora following the link in my signature.


Saludos, Karl

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