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Moving bevels from waterline drawings

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I am reading Ben Lankford'so "how to build first rate models from kits", dated 2009. On page 23, there is a section on installing bulkheads. It discusses using a tick strip to transfer the amount of bevel from plans or the waterline drawing. I don't remember seeing this in plans and cannot grasp using waterline drawings. Can someone please explain both methods???

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On the actual ship plans (and not all kit plans have them) there's the lines drawings.  If you'll go here and look at Russell Barnes article on interpreting line drawnigs, you'll see them.  


What Ben is doing is using those type of drawings.  The waterlines on the body plan give references (not actual waterlines as we think about it) to height above the keel.  Then he's using the warterlines drawing to get the shape of the hull for beveling.  


I think that with most kits, most builders just fair the bulkheads using a batten strip and don't go to this trouble.

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