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Panart kit of the San Felipe


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guys i need some information,  i am building this kit named above. i am to the assembly instructions on installing the photo etched parts sheet.  its a solid square section with the parts etched into it.


my question is how do you use this stuff?  do i cute out all the window squares and the frame outlines the cg glue them down? and if so the parts that i keep look like they have blue material over them.  do i scrape the parts clean then attach them   


The instruction sheets and plans really don't explain it. i would appreciate any help i could get

ty guys

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A lot of the mantua kits come that way. It was a very early way of providing etched brass parts. 


You're going to want to first cut the parts to the outer blue (thick) edge. Don't cut too close – use a file to finish the edges.


For some of the larger parts, in particular the ones that have multiple windows, I think you're going to have to cut them further, like to the inside of of that blue border, but check the fit of the part, to make sure first.


You're probably going to want to paint instead of leaving it all as plain brass. The blue is, I believe, a residue coating that protected the metal from the acid bath. You can remove it by using a very find sandpaper.


Paint the recessed areas as necessary. If you like the coloring of natural brass for the raised areas, just lightly sand away any paint you got on the raised areas. Otherwise, paint the raised areas carefully.



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Here are some very helpful comments  from Tom, who built the San Felipe:


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Hi Don--


I hope you are enjoying the SF build!  You are correct, each of the sections should be cut out of the sheet with tin snips.  Cut along the outside edge only as close as you can and then file off any excess.  You don't have to paint over the blue areas--that is just a dye to help you see the raised sections and that dye rubs off with solvent.  


There is a debate on how to handle the window panes.  Most people I believe paint them with blue or gray paint to simulate the reflection of water or sky.  That's what I did and you can see in this picture, which also shows a couple of cut out pieces in place:




On another model I once tried to cut out the inside of each window thinking I could put glass or plastic behind and make it look like a real window, but it is impossible to cut the little bits of window out without destroying the entire piece.  


If you decide to paint your windows, it's not a big challenge.  You don't have to be too careful because you are just painting the recessed sections.  You can rub off any excess paint with turpentine.  One way to do it neatly is to stretch a cloth soaked in turpentine over the top of a cylinder, like a paint bottle, which makes a flat surface and rub it over your piece--it will just take any excess paint off and leave your painted window looking good.  


For the non window parts of the metal, I used the bright blue that I used on all other parts of the ship's trim.


Hope this makes sense.  Let me know if you have questions and good luck!






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I think I did something similar to what Catopower described. I can't remember for sure (and can't tell by looking), but I think my stern windows and frames were some sort of thin plywood?? I believe I dry-brushed the brass color on after painting the inner sections.


Here is a picture, it is my first attempt with my cellphone and I admit it might not be that clear:




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