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US Brig Niagara by 6ohiocav - FINISHED - Model Shipways - Scale 1:64

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Thanks everyone for all of the comments. I know I have said this many times before, but I attribute the success of this project to the many build logs that I reviewed and the suggestions and recommendations of my fellow modelers



I think the key to photographs of model ships fall into three categories. Granted, I have no skill in photography and took my shots with my I Phone 8. But these things helped I think.


1. Paint choices. The key to authentic photos is the paint choices. I read somewhere on this site years ago that we should avoid bright colors. I muted all of the paints I chose. I added drops of flat black paint to my reds and greens. It does not take much, but it dulled the sheen and I believe gave the ship a more realistic look. I used flat black for the hull. I strongly recommend all modelers to consider doing the same.


2. Lighting. The close up shots of the deck were taken on my bench with a single soft bulb light. I turned off all of the other lights in the shop. The light was set up behind my left shoulder. The single light in a darkened room dulled the light and created more life-like shadows. The photos in the display case were taken under LED strip lighting, with the shop completely dark. I used the soft light option on my lighting system.


3. Zoom. I zoomed my phone in as far as I could, which allowed me to take the photos from some distance. That allows more of the shot to be in focus.


I would like to think I planned all of this in advance, but honestly, the photos just turned out pretty good. Trust me, the photos make the model look better than it is.


Mike M.

I have not yet decided what's up next, but I have some choices. I have a partially completed Corel Wappon Van Hamburg that I acquired from a family in the area after the patriarch and shipwright passed away. I have to repair some of the planking and deck, and will de-mast the ship and start over with the masts and yards and rigging. The many carved figurines need stripped and re-painted (Yuk) as well. Unfortunately, I only have the plans, and a loose box of parts that I am not sure even go to the Wappon. So there will be a lot of scratch work. This thing at 1/50 scale is a monster. I will have to build a larger bench. I plan on starting a restoration log on the project.


I also have a few kits on the shelf to chose from as well. My son is begging me to build the MS Constitution. Plenty to keep me busy.


I am getting ready to transport my Niagara and its display case to my office for its final destination.


Again, thanks all.



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